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New Enduro Pro compound.

Gorilla Brakes

End of  2021 we are starting to release our pro range of brake pads, A revolution in Stopping power compound life-span and ECO friendly.


Enduro Pro

The friction coefficient of Gorilla brake pads is stable in all conditions of use, for uniform distribution of temperature and pressure 

They also stand out for the perfect modulation of the lever response, which offers total control of the braking action and unrivalled performance for all riding conditions

Enduro Pro

A compound that we have developed for E-bike Downhill Enduro and  heavy riding use. With powerful braking, low Abrasion and longer lifespan – more than 2-3 times more wear resistant than OEM standard Brake pads.

Gorilla Enduro Pro compounds have a very high content of non-ferrous (ceramic) materials. The difference to competitor’s metallic compounds is the superior thermal insulation and higher heat resistance combined with low heat conductivity, reducing heat transfer to the caliper (up to a massive 50 °C) preventing boiling of the fluid.

All Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro compounds Are designed to minimize wear of the pad-rotor while maintaining optimum bite, brake modulation and lever feel.

All friction compounds meet or surpass all current ecological standards of the Cycling and automotive industry.

Enduro Pro




Excellent performing friction materials for Ebike Downhill and Enduro racing.



Wide operating temperature low heat conductivity. 



Excellent modulation and controllability very progressive friction behaviour.



Designed to work in all weather conditions,  Wet or Dry.