Gorilla Brakes Shimano XTR XT SLX semi-metallic disc brake pads fits J03A J04C G02S G03S J02A J03A


  • Semi-Metallic compound pads.
  • Special machining technology.
  • Optimised high-tech aluminium materials, up to 40% lighter than traditional pads.
  • Thermal optimisation through high-tech aluminium technology, 25~30% less temperature than regular pads.
  • Performance racing, developed and tested under harshest conditions.
  • Safety, stability and better control.


  • Shimano: BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M8000, BR-M7000, BR-M987, BR-M985, BR-M785, BR-RS785, BR-R785, BR-S700, BR-M675, BR-M666, BR-M615, BR-R515, BR-R315, BR-CX75, Alfine BR-S700.

Pre orders welcome due September 2019

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