Gorilla Disc Brake Pads Shimano Sram Hope Formula

Magura MT5 new Kevlar brake pad

New compounds coming for mid 2021 we will be testing each compound to its limits, Real world testing, OEM Magura brake pads lasted just short of 300 miles of Lake district riding steep technical terrain enough to chew through brake pads in no time,


  • Rider – GorillaBrakes
  • Bike – Marin San Quentin ( Hard tail 130mm travel )
  • Brakes – 2021 Magura MT5
  • Rider Weight – 80Kg
  • Location – Cumbria
  • Elevation – (will update soon)
  • Longevity – (will update soon)
  • Compound ( Kevler)
  • Brake pads for MT5 Available here

All details images will be posted in the comments below, follow us on Strava and join our club GorillaBrakes Strava club

Ride 1

Ride 2

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