New Bike specific titanium bolts coming to gorilla brakes courtesy of

    Thanks to we will be supplying there incredible Titanium bolts,  Every bolt is made from aerospace grade 5 6AL/4V Titanium, Not only super shiney polished to a high standard we will be offering there lifetime warranty and they also come in some fantastic colours that we have never seen before- 

Bronze  , Blue , Ice blue , Purple , Gold , Matt grey , Rose gold , 

TiBike state that they only produce colours that look perfect and other colours can be inconsistent due to the process of titanium anodising.

90% of people buy titanium not for weight but for the aesthetic look that titanium gives over steel own bolts. We feel this is true who wants to spend 1000s on a bike and 6 month later the bolts are rusty. 

please feel free to ask any questions regarding Our titanium range of just visit

Gorilla brakes 

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