Gorilla Brakes


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Gorilla Brakes supplies high performance e-bike brake pads suitable for many models of Shimano, Magura, SRAM and Hope components used on e-bikes.

Although Electric bikes (or e-bikes) have their origins in the late 19th century, it wasn’t until much more recently that they have become widely commercially available in many countries around the World. A pedelec is a pedal operated, power assisted bicycle. It is designed to function in the same way as an ordinary bike, just with something extra to assist the rider further, up hills or against strong winds.

E-bikes have already become popular with commuters and leisure users keen to cycle to work, reduce emissions and get some exercise without being constrained by distance. Town, road and folding e-bikes produced for this market are widely available. More recently though, electric mountain bikes have been a growing market with riders discovering they can go further, harder and longer with an electric version adding to their enjoyment of the sport overall, rather than just the practical aspect of helping tired legs.