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  • Sale! A close-up of Hayes Dominion T4 Disc Brake Pads with Enduro Pro Compound.
  • Sale! The Hayes T2 disc brake pads are a set of replacement brake pads made by Hayes Bicycle Group. They are designed to fit Hayes T2 brakes and are made of a high-performance Kevlar compound for maximum durability and stopping power. The pads are easy to install and provide a consistent brake feel. They come in two different sizes, standard and extra-long, to accommodate different wheel sizes. The Hayes T2 disc brake pads are a great choice for riders looking for a dependable, long-lasting brake pad that offers great stopping power.
  • Sale! Hayes A2 disc brake pads for mountain bikes, featuring a durable compound for improved stopping power and longevity.
    Hayes Brake Pads

    HAYES Dominion A2 Disc Brake Pads

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  • Sale! Hayes Dominion A4 brake pads, featuring a high-performance ceramic compound for exceptional stopping power and durability.