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Gorilla brakes strava club

Shimano disc brake pads replacement

Join our Strava group and get the opportunity to test our new products and freebies. 

Gorilla brakes strava club
Gorilla brakes strava club

Our Strava page has been growing and some of our followers have been receiving test products and freebies. we sent some disc brake pads to Mike Gaskell for reviewing our new ceramic nanotech brake pads here is what Mike had to say.

” Hi, Gorilla
Just thought I’d drop you some initial feedback back having ridden 100 or so miles on the pads so a decent bedding in.
They’ve bedded in really quickly, and have a really decent bite to them when stopping, I’ve found that on wet rides the Sram HRD squeal that all of my pads have experienced in the past seems to be non-existent which is a real bonus.  Not that I’m proud of it, but did manage to hit just shy of 40mph in the wet and dark last Thursday and they slowed me down when they needed to with no sent of burning which was nice for the people behind me
Pad wear wise it’s still very early days but they seem to be holding up well, my ride in is getting very gritty and horrible in the morning so they might start to wear down but I’ll keep an eye on them, hoping to have put another 200 miles on them by the end of the week, which was about what I got out of the sintered pads earlier in the year, in what’s getting to be similar conditions.
Really pleased with them so far, and once I’ve got past that point I’ll drop you an update.

Mike uses our ceramic Sram disc brake pads 

Meet Fred, our brake pad tester based in Morzine in the image you can see the amazing Mt Blanc mountain range where Fred is testing our ceramic pads review in progress. Fred uses our Shimano disc brake pads   

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