Gorilla Brakes

Shimano Disc Callipers not working.

Play Video about Corrosion on Shimano calipers

Short Video from our friend Paul at Mapdec Cycle Works Kendal.

Issues cause

  • Corrosion
  • Poor performance braking 
  • Contaminated brake pads 
  • Sticking Pistons
  • Contaminated Rotor
  • If your brakes have got to this state you may have to replace the brake calipers 


Most brake problems are caused by poor maintenance just swapping brake pads every time they are worn without basic caliper servicing will cause long term issues.
  • Always cover brake when cleaning this will help stop brake pad contamination, 
  • Never use brake cleaner after bedding in the brakes only use it before to remove contamination. 
  • Clean the pistons regular with Mineral oil and make sure the piston move freely 
  • Regular brake bleeding is needed at least once a year.
  • 99% of brake problems are caused by the moving parts of a brake poor maintenance or contamination will cause the brake pads to not work properly.

    Seized Shimano 105 Disc brake caliper

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