Gorilla Disc Brake Pads Shimano Sram Hope Formula

Shimano SRAM Ceramic jockey wheels

Shimano SRAM Ceramic jockey wheels Lifetime warranty 11 tooth

Shimano SRAM Ceramic jockey wheels

Gorilla Shimano SRAM Ceramic jockey wheels

High quality fast long life ceramic bearing.jockey wheel total weight 6 grammes.

Compatible with most Shimano and SRAM 9-10-11 speed derailleurs.

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  • Compatibility Sram or Shimano
  • Weight 6 Grammes
  • High-speed long life Ceramic Bearing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Width-thickness 8.5mm
  • Bolt Hole ID 5mm or 4mm
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Quantity One jockey wheel sold individually

Gorilla Brakes

Sealed Ceramic super fast bearing.

Aluminium 7075AL-T6 Jockey wheel

Fixing screw made from 6AL/4V Grade 5 Aerospace quality Titanium bolts.

Lifetime warranty.

Please contact us direct on 0800 772 0937

Email sales@gorillabrakes.com


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