Gorilla Disc Brake Pads Shimano Sram Hope Formula

SRAM Rival 22 HydroR Disc Brake Disc Brake Pads Ceramic NanoTech

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SRAM Rival 22 HydroR Disc Brake Pads

The Brake pads fit-
SRAM Rival 22 HydroR disc brakes.

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SRAM Rival 22 HydroR Disc Brake Disc Brake Pads

SRAM Rival 22 HydroR Disc Brake Disc Brake Pad

  • Make – Gorilla Disc Brake Pads
  • Quantity – Please select from the menu
  • Compound – Ceramic NanoTech
  • Heat – Up to 600 Degrees without brake fade
  • Spring – Gorilla super strong stainless steel spring
  • Warranty – 60 Days
  • Guarantee – Money Back
  • Shipping  – Same day ( Uk Next day )
  • Gorilla Brakes – Developed and stringently tested to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability,
    Gorilla pads have been made to last up to 4 times longer than OEM brake pads. New formula improves on heat dissipation (600 degrees without brake fade.)

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Email sales@gorillabrakes.com

This Brake Pad will fit 

  • Sram
  • RED 22
  • Rival 22
  • HydroR
Weight N/A
Brake compound

Enduro Ceramic, Enduro Pro, Ceramic With Nano Tech, Semi metallic Multi-compound, Sintered

1 review for SRAM Rival 22 HydroR Disc Brake Disc Brake Pads Ceramic NanoTech

  1. Mike G

    These are great pads, good value and perform really well, buy them… read on if you want a bit more info.

    I cycle on average around 140 miles a week a mix of commuting and pleasure, a mix of 60% on and 40% off-road.

    Having exhausted the stock SRAM pads I was looking for new pads that met my needs and tried quite a few (at least 5) different brands, from SRAM originals to Evans own brand, they all do the job of stopping you, but in my experience they also all seem to have the same 2 base problems:

    – Horrible brake screech
    – One of the retaining springs snaps causing the pads not to retract properly.

    I think Gorilla brakes have got this dialled with these pads and compound, installing on front and back at the same time, even during the bedding in process there was only the faintest of squeals in the wet, something that really used to make me cringe as I pulled up to traffic lights at 7:30 in the morning.

    Stopping performance wise, these are great, living in the Peak District I have some fast and winding descents to tackle and these stop quickly every time i’ve needed them to, if anything, I’m more concerned about being ham-fisted and locking up on a gravelly path at 30 mph although it’s not happened yet.

    I’ve been using the probikegarage app to monitor my components and having ridden these pads for around 1,000 miles the springs still seem stiff and solid and I think I’ve got a couple of hundred miles left on the front depending on how muddy the bridal path I ride on gets, the rear has lots more left. Considering I’ve got anywhere from 150 miles 1,250 miles on a set of front pads I’m really happy with this.

    So these pads until Gorilla brakes release an upgraded compound are now on my permanent spares list, they bed in fast, are quiet and from what I’ve experienced have a great life span too.

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