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SRAM Code R RSC Disc Brake Pads Multi-compound Sintered ceramic

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The Brake pads fit-
SRAM Code R-RSC Disc Brake Pads Multi-compound

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SRAM Code R – RSC Disc Brake Pads Multi-compound 

SRAM Code R Disc Brake Pads Multi-compound Sintered

    • Make – Gorilla Disc Brake Pads
    • Quantity – Please select from the menu
    • Compound – Sintered or semi-metallic
    • Heat – Up to 600 Degrees without brake fade
    • Spring – Gorilla super strong stainless steel spring
    • Warranty – 60 Days
    • Guarantee – Money Back
    • Shipping  – Same day ( Uk Next day )
    • Gorilla Brakes – Developed and stringently tested to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability,
      Gorilla brake pads have been made to last up to 4 times longer than OEM brake pads. New formula improves on heat dissipation (600 degrees without brake fade.)

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This Brake Pad will fit 

          • SRAM Code R – Rsc Disc Brake Pads Multi-compound Sintered
Brake compound

Enduro Ceramic, Enduro Pro Ultimate, Enduro Sintered, Ceramic with Nano Tech, Semi-metallic Kevlar Multi-compound, Sintered (long life and harsh conditions)


Gorilla Brake replacement brake pads are available in a variety of compounds, to suit your ride style and performance needs:

Compound TypeMaterialConditionsFeaturesBest ForDurabilityPrice
Semi-Metallic Kevlar Multi-CompoundOrganic Graphite CopperDry to Wet Conditions, All-rounderDurable and better wet-weather performance than organic, More predictable power than sintered pads. Quicker to warm up than sintered. Good braking power in wet & dry conditions. Works very well from initial engagement due to the hardness of the materials used. Rotor friendly with lasting performance and good heat dissipation.Road, Mountain, Gravel,MediumBudget
Enduro CeramicHard CeramicDry to Extreme Wet ConditionsHigh performances at high and low temperatures. High resistance to fading, Enduro Ceramic , Carbon ceramic compound high temperature fade, excellent modulation in all conditions. improved formula compared to Ceramic buna N, Long lifespan low rotor wear.Road, Mountain, Gravel,HighStandard
Enduro SinteredPremium MetalDry to Extreme Wet ConditionsLonger lasting. Strong stopping power under extreme braking. Consistent in wet and dirty conditions. Can handle very higher temperatures. Aggressive power. The materials used are of the highest quality from one of the world’s most prestigious brake pad manufacturers, quality control is second to none. Without a doubt one of the best sintered compound for bicycles on the market today.Mountain, Gravel,HighStandard
Ceramic with Nano-TechCeramicDry to Wet Conditions, All-rounderNon-aggressive for the disk. High performance at high and low temperatures. Buna n ceramic compound offers quiet vibration damping brake performance resulting in good modulation and lever response with a slightly longer lifespan compared to Multi-compound. The ceramic compound is very stable under a wide range of temperatures for consistent performance, excellent brake thermal recovery, and smooth, progressive control.Road, Mountain, Gravel,StandardBudget
SinteredMetalExtreme Conditions, Wet, Muddy, GrittyLonger lasting ,Strong stopping power under extreme braking, More consistent in wet and dirty conditions, Can handle higher temperatures Not prone to glazing Sintered compound offers powerful braking, Aggressive friction, a full metal compound excellent lifespan due to the hardness of the materials, which makes it good value. Sintered pads can withstand extreme punishment due to wide operating temperatures and very high friction.Mountain, Gravel,HighBudget
KevlarKevlar – organicDry to Wet Conditions, All-rounderMore Durable and better performance and longevity than Semi-Metallic Developed for good braking power in wet & dry conditions. Works very well from initial engagement. Due to the medium hardness, Rotor friendly with lasting performance and good heat dissipation. materials from Dupont Germany and Resin compound from monmentive USA .Road, Mountain, Gravel,MediumStandard
Enduro ResinHigh quality Resin materialDry to Wet Conditions, All-rounderExcellent initial bite, especially at low temperatures. Sharper initial braking response. Quick to bed-in. Quieter.Road, Mountain, Gravel,StandardPremium
Enduro ProSpecial FormulaDry to Extreme Wet Conditions.Long lasting, Ebike, very high temp brake fade, excellent power feel and modulation, Developed for E-bike Heavy riding use Downhill and Enduro, with powerful braking, low wearing and a long lifespan – more than 2-3 times wear than a standard OEM brake pad.Mountain Road, EBike,Very HighPremium

Visit our Compound Guide for more information.


BrandBrake FamilyPad MaterialPart Number
SRAMCODE / GUIDE RESintered – Kevlar – semi-Metallic – Ceramic00.5315.023.030 – 00.5315.023.010


4 reviews for SRAM Code R RSC Disc Brake Pads Multi-compound Sintered ceramic

  1. David

    I bought the sintered code r pads. I got 2 sets. The pads have great stopping power, last longer too. The value of these pads are unbeatable in my opinion. The price for what you get is top notch. They are that good, my mates have all bought a set

  2. Michael Williams (verified owner)

    I bought 2 sets of the sintered pads, I’ve used them before (Previous purchase off amazon), they have excellent stopping power.
    I was sent the wrong pads originally but this was soon resolved with a new set sent out along with a returns postage label so no extra cost to me. Excellent customer service.

  3. Russell Evans (verified owner)

    I brought these pads off tye back of the two previous reviews being very complimentary. So far, their not wrong.! I’ve only had them on for 2 weeks (4 rides) but the stopping power so far is remarkable. That much, I could go as far as to say, their better than the manufactures pads. Hope it continues in this fashion and out last my previous manufactures pads. If they do I’ll be back to stock up

  4. Martin

    Recently converted to Enduro Pro pads on both bikes and these are a game changer. Similar to the previous reviews they just work….. very well. Done around 3,000 mtrs of descending so far on this bike and wear is minimal. They may not be the cheapest out there but they are definitely the best I have used in +20 years biking #happyrider

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