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Sram Rival HRD red Ultimate Road disc brake pads

Sram Rival HRD red Road disc brake pads

Finally, Gorilla brakes now have Sram HRD rival road disc brake pads in stock.

High-performance Kevlar Ceramic copper and resin composite compound.

Excellent brake power with minimal effort at the brake lever.

Consistent in both wet and dry conditions and pad life is excellent super strong spring included with every set

find them here https://gorillabrakes.com/shop/avid-brake-pads/sram-hrd/


3 thoughts on “Sram Rival HRD red Ultimate Road disc brake pads”

  1. Hi i purchased the Sram road pads 3 months ago and i just wanted to say that the pads have lasted over 1000 miles of riding around France Belgium and Germany i will be getting some more gorilla brake pads for my winter mountain bike

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