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Why Gorilla

4 reasons why you should buy Gorilla Brakes.

Ceramic Nano Tech

Our new ceramic Nano-tech compound adds excellent heat dissipation predictable brake feel with high durability, mixed with BunaN Kevlar and reinforced carbon fibre resin.

sintered full metal

NEW REFORMULATED COMPOUNDS FOR 2018, Our aggressive sintered compound is the best of the best and guarantee to give you the ultimate stopping power. These pads are perfect for adverse conditions, also used by our sponsored riders.


Multi-compound or Semi-metallic resin Disc brake pads are known for their quickness to bed in and there smooth quiet stopping power. We have reformulated and added copper and Kevlar fibres for better heat dissipation and to maintain a longer life.

Gorilla strong spring

All Disc Brake pads come with our super strong stainless steel spring retainer. Not only does this retract the pads better it also helps maintain a longer life of the brake pads and the rotors. Split pins included with some models.


A little bit more about us
Gorilla brake pads have been designed to last up to two times longer.
  • All our brake pads are free from any harmful materials.

  • Improves on power smoothness and longevity.

  • All our brake pads come with a super strong retaining spring.

  • Up to 600 Degrees without brake fade.

new products

We are constantly evolving .

Ebike compounds

We are working on a new Ebike heavy rider compound due out Summer 2021

Ceramic Brake pads

Our new ceramic Nano-tech compound adds excellent heat dissipation predictable brake feel high durability mixed with Buna N – Kevlar – reinforced carbon fibre resin.
Quiet braking Highly wear resistance excelent performance in braking force High temperature heat dissipation Good thermal heat resistance

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