Formula Brake Pads

Gorilla Brakes supplies replacement brake pads for Formula brakes, providing mountain bike users with exceptional quality components. We stock pads for Mega One R1 RX disc brakes, Cura 4 brakes and ORO brakes. Formula are a mountain bike component manufacturer based in Italy. The company was started in 1987 by the same group responsible for AIM. Who, fifteen years prior, had led innovation in motocross just as that sport was emerging. The goal of the organisation was to bring technology from the motorcycle World into the mountain biking one. With the intention to be pioneers and innovators in the sector. Formula took a leading role in mountain bike innovation in 1993 with the introduction of the first hydraulic disc brake, The Standard, exclusive for mountain bike use. The company have since moved from brakes to shock absorbers and to suspensions as a result of their passion for the sport and core goal to innovate and lead in the sector. This, as well as dedicated support for athletes, has contributed to numerous downhill World titles using Formula innovations and components.