Tektro Brake Pads

Tektro are a bicycle component manufacturer based in Taiwan. The company was originally founded in 1986 by a trio of friends and a handful of employees manufacturing bicycle brakes. It has since grown into a well established, international name in cycling. A set of values that have been in place since the company's inception include keeping production at the highest possible quality. As a result, even today, each and every single brake sold by Tektro has been rigorously tested by a 'Tektro Artisan'. A professional with more than ten years experience. Pride is taken in this extremely high level of quality control and is considered a core part of the business. Tektro now have production facilities in both Taiwan and China and sell products all over the World. In 2006 they launched TRP, their high-end performance line of products which they develop alongside athletes and cycling teams. Gorilla brakes offer premium brake pads for Tektro brakes. Including Auriga, Orion, and Aquilia models among others as well as e-bike specific pads.