Join the Gorilla Brakes Zwift Club: Gear Up and Ride Together!




Welcome to the Gorilla Brakes Zwift Club!

A place where Gorilla Brakes users and none Gorilla users come together to share their passion, improve their performance, and, most importantly, enjoy exclusive benefits including group rides, 

Why Gorilla Brakes Zwift Club

Engage in Group Rides: Participate in Zwift group rides that cater to every cyclist's needs. Our community-led events offer an exciting way to challenge yourself, meet your cycling goals, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Enjoy a Special 20% Discount

We're proud to offer an exclusive 20% discount to our Zwift Club members on all our disc brake pads. Whether you ride SRAM, SHIMANO, TRP, Tektro, MAGURA, or other brands, upgrade your braking performance for less.

Get Early Access to the Latest in Braking Technology: Experience the future of braking technology first-hand with Gorilla Brakes. Our members get early access to new disc brake pad releases, ensuring your ride is equipped with the best.

How to Join and Unlock Your Benefits

  1. Become a Member: Sign up on our Zwift Club page and join our passionate community of cyclists.
  2. Receive Your Exclusive Discount Code: After joining, a 20% discount code valid for all our disc brake pads CODE (zwift20).
  3. Save on Your Next Purchase: Redeem your discount on our website and enjoy savings on top-quality disc brake pads designed for your favorite cycling brands.

Connect With Gorilla Brakes Across Our Social Platforms

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Why Choose Gorilla Brakes?

With Gorilla Brakes Zwift Club, you're not just joining a cycling group; you're enhancing your cycling experience with premium disc brake pads that set the standard for performance and reliability. Whether navigating steep descents or cruising on flat terrain, our focus is on providing you with the best braking solutions for major brands like SRAM, SHIMANO, TRP, TEKTRO, and MAGURA. Join us today.