Disc Brake Fluid

Bicycle Disc Brake Fluids: Mineral Oils & DOT Fluids

Keeping your bicycle's disc brakes functioning optimally is crucial for safe and enjoyable rides. The two most commonly used brake fluids for bicycle disc brakes are mineral oil and DOT (Department of Transportation) fluid. Both these fluids play a pivotal role in the functioning of your bike's hydraulic disc brake system. This category includes a wide variety of mineral oils and DOT fluids, each designed to suit different types of hydraulic disc brake systems.

  1. Mineral Oils: Mineral oils are synthetic oils that are specially formulated for hydraulic disc brakes in bicycles. These oils are known for their consistent performance in varying temperatures and conditions. Unlike DOT fluids, mineral oils do not absorb water, which helps in maintaining a consistent viscosity and preventing internal corrosion of the brake system. This category includes various brands and viscosities of mineral oils, each designed to optimize the performance of your bicycle's hydraulic disc brake system.

  2. DOT Fluids: DOT fluids are glycol-based brake fluids that meet the stringent standards set by the Department of Transportation. These fluids are commonly used in automotive and motorcycle hydraulic brake systems, but are also suitable for certain bicycle disc brake systems. DOT fluids have a high boiling point, which prevents vapor lock and brake fade during prolonged and heavy braking. However, DOT fluids are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb water over time, which may require more frequent fluid changes to maintain optimal performance. This category includes different grades of DOT fluids (e.g., DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1), each designed for specific performance requirements.

Please note: It is essential to use the correct type of brake fluid specified by the manufacturer of your bicycle's brake system. Mixing different types of fluids or using the wrong fluid can lead to brake failure and may void the warranty of your brake system. Be sure to consult your bike's owner's manual or the manufacturer's website for the correct specifications before purchasing or replacing brake fluid

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3 products