Center Lock Rings And Adapters

SHIMANO Center Lock Rings and Adapters

  1. SPRE HBM8010 External Lock Ring and Washer:

    • Description: Designed with precision engineering, the SPRE HBM8010 External Lock Ring and Washer ensure a secure fitment of your Center-Lock disc brake rotors. Built to withstand the demands of rigorous riding, this component ensures consistent performance and durability, characteristic of the Shimano brand. Ideal for mountain biking and demanding terrains, it maintains rotor alignment and prevents unwanted movement.
  2. SPRE SMRT81 Internal Lock Ring and Washer:

    • Description: The SPRE SMRT81 Internal Lock Ring and Washer are vital components for attaching Center-Lock disc brake rotors to the hub. Crafted to Shimano's exacting standards, these parts offer a tight, secure fit, ensuring smooth and reliable brake performance. They are adept at maintaining the rotor's position during intense biking sessions, whether on rough trails or urban landscapes.
  3. SM-RTAD05 6-bolt Rotor to Centre-Lock Hub Disc Adapter:

    • Description: Looking to convert your 6-bolt rotors to fit a Centre-Lock hub? The Shimano SM-RTAD05 Adapter is your perfect solution. Expertly designed to bridge the compatibility between two popular rotor mounting standards, this adapter is crafted for easy installation and a snug fit. Made with Shimano's renowned quality, it ensures that converted rotors remain centered and secure during all your cycling adventures.

Note: Always ensure compatibility with your bike's components before making a purchase. It's recommended to have these components professionally installed for optimal performance and safety.

3 products

3 products