Titanium Bolts

Gorilla Brakes Titanium Bolts: Engineered for Excellence

Gorilla Brakes Titanium Bolts. Designed for those who demand both performance and style, our bolts are meticulously crafted from Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium, offering the ultimate blend of durability, lightweight, and resistance against corrosion.

Sizes for Every Need: Choose from a comprehensive range of sizes including M3, M4, M5, and M6, ensuring the perfect fit for various applications. Whether you're upgrading your bicycle, motorcycle, or automotive, Gorilla Brakes has the exact specification you need.

Head Styles for Precision and Aesthetics: Our collection features Tapered, Button, and Countersunk heads, tailored to meet the precise requirements of your assembly. Each style is engineered to provide optimal load distribution, sleek integration, and enhanced performance.

Lifetime Warranty: Confidence in our quality allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty on our titanium bolts. This commitment underscores our belief in the enduring reliability of Gorilla Brakes products, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.

Vibrant Colours, Vibrant Personalities: Stand out with an amazing selection of colors. From subtle to vibrant, match your bolts with your style or bicycle color scheme for a customized look.

Aerospace Grade, Earthbound Performance: Leveraging Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium, these bolts are not only about superior strength but also about weight reduction. Enjoy significant savings in weight without compromising on the integrity of your assemblies.

Choose Gorilla Brakes Titanium Bolts: For enthusiasts who understand that every detail counts, our titanium bolts are more than just fasteners; they're an investment in aesthetics, performance, and longevity. Enhance your equipment's reliability and appearance with a choice that reflects your commitment to quality.

Transform your project with Gorilla Brakes Titanium Bolts – where engineering meets artistry.

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3 products