Open a Trade Account with Gorilla Brakes | Buy Quality Brakes at Wholesale Prices

Gorilla Brakes Bicycle Disc Brake Pads offers trade accounts for bicycle enthusiasts, bike shops, and more. Get superior quality bike brake pads and components at discounted prices to keep your bike shop workshop running efficiently and safely.

Bicycle disc brakes have revolutionized the cycling industry, providing riders with superior control and performance in a wide range of conditions. As a result, leading bicycle manufacturers are increasingly turning to gorilla brakes for their brake pad solutions.

Gorilla brakes bicycle disc brake pads offer superior performance and durability. Their unique design provides riders with more consistent braking power, even in wet and muddy conditions. They are also designed to provide a smooth and silent braking experience, reducing noise and vibration for a more comfortable ride.

In addition to performance and durability, Gorilla brakes bicycle disc brake pads are designed for easy installation. They come with all the necessary hardware and are engineered to be compatible with most bicycle disc brakes. This makes them ideal for bicycle shops and other businesses that need to replace brake pads quickly and easily.

Gorilla brakes bicycle disc brake pads are also incredibly cost effective. Their unique design ensures that they last longer and require less maintenance, reducing costs over time. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses looking to save money while providing their customers with superior performance.

Whether you’re looking for superior performance, easy installation or cost savings, Gorilla brakes bicycle disc brake pads have you covered. With their unique design and reliable performance, they’re the perfect choice for any business looking to provide their customers with the best possible riding experience.


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