NRS ONE Disc Brake Pads

NUCAP, is a leader in brake safety headquartered in Toronto, They have introduced the innovative NRS ONE, a unique bicycle brake product. Renowned for its patented one-piece design, NRS ONE simplifies brake replacements, 

The company revolutionized the brake market with the NUCAP Retention System (NRS), allowing for advanced pre-coating of steel before pressing friction composites like ceramics, metallics, or organics. This technology, which received the prestigious PACE award, demonstrates NUCAP's commitment to innovative solutions in the automotive industry.

Expanding its product line, NUCAP, in partnership with Gorilla Brakes, is now venturing into the manufacture of brake pads for bicycles, e-bikes, and all other types of bicycles using disc brakes. These brake pads boast a range of features:

  • One-Piece Design: Streamlines the brake system with a single, integrated component.
  • Stainless Steel Design: Ensures durability and rust resistance.
  • Semi-Metallic Formula: Offers a balance of performance and longevity.
  • Quiet Operation: Reduces noise for a more pleasant riding experience.
  • Strong Bite: Provides powerful and reliable braking.
  • Smooth Modulation: Allows for precise control over braking intensity.
  • Excellent for All Weather Conditions: Ensures reliable performance in various environments.
  • Cooler Performance: Minimizes heat build-up for better efficiency.
  • Long Lasting: Designed for extended use without frequent replacements.

NUCAP's collaboration with Gorilla Brakes as their UK and European distributor marks a significant step in their ongoing development of advanced, future-shaping products and technologies.

11 products

11 products