Gorilla Brakes - Terms and Conditions for NRS ONE

Terms and Conditions for Gorilla Brakes NRS ONE Disc Brake Pads Recycle & Reuse Program

Welcome to the Gorilla Brakes NRS ONE Brake Pads Recycling Program. Our dedication to sustainability and delivering exceptional quality is the foundation of these terms and conditions.

1. Eligibility

All purchasers of Gorilla Brakes' NRS ONE brake pads are eligible to participate in the Recycling Program as specified in these terms.

2. Lifetime Warranty

Gorilla Brakes proudly offers a lifetime warranty on NRS ONE brake pads, covering any manufacturing or material defects under typical usage.

3. Recycling Initiative

In alignment with our commitment to environmental responsibility, we urge customers to return the stainless steel backplates from their used NRS ONE brake pads. In appreciation, participants will receive a £10 discount on their next NRS ONE brake pad purchase.

4. Recycling Process

To participate in our eco-friendly initiative, send your used backplates to:

Gorilla Brakes Limited
Alston House, White Cross Business Park
Lancaster, LA1 4XF

Contact Numbers:
Freephone: 0800 772 0937
Landline: 01524 297 046

5. Replacement Purchase Discount

Engaging in our recycling program entitles you to a £10 reduction on your next purchase of NRS ONE brake pads. Note: This offer cannot be combined with other promotions.

6. Shipping and Replacement Fee

Under our lifetime warranty, Gorilla Brakes will cover the costs associated with returning the brake pad backplates. This ensures a hassle-free experience for our valued customers, in line with our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

7. Environmental Pledge

Our recycling initiative reflects our unwavering dedication to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability.

8. Warranty Limitations

The lifetime warranty does not cover damages resulting from accidents, misuse, or incorrect fitting.

9. Amendments

Gorilla Brakes reserves the right to modify these terms without prior notice.

10. Acceptance of Terms

Your purchase and use of the NRS ONE brake pads indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions. For further information or inquiries, please contact Gorilla Brakes Customer Service.

Gorilla Brakes
Committed to Quality and Sustainability