Disc Brake Compounds Explained


When it comes to cycling, every component plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and safe ride. Among these components, disc brake pads are crucial for reliable stopping power and control. Gorilla Brakes offers a wide range of high-quality disc brake pads specifically designed for bicycles. In this article, we will explore the various compounds available in the Gorilla Brakes line-up, each designed to cater to different riding styles and preferences.


Enduro Pro Ultimate 

Pro level Compound 

The Enduro Pro Ultimate compound is engineered for the most demanding riders and extreme riding conditions. With its exceptional stopping power and heat dissipation properties, these pads provide consistent performance even in prolonged downhill descents or aggressive trail riding. They are highly durable, offering excellent modulation and control.


Enduro Pro Semi-Metallic

Pro level Compound 

The Enduro Pro Semi-Metallic compound strikes a balance between durability and performance. Ideal for riders who frequently tackle challenging terrains, these pads offer excellent stopping power and consistent performance in various weather conditions. The semi-metallic composition provides enhanced heat dissipation, reducing the risk of brake fade.


Enduro Pro Resin

Pro level Compound 

Designed for riders seeking reliable braking performance at an affordable price, the Enduro Pro Resin compound offers smooth and predictable stopping power. These pads excel in dry conditions and provide excellent modulation, making them suitable for general trail riding and recreational cycling.


Competition Sintered (New for 2024)

Metal ceramic particle composite sintered brake pads are a newer type of brake pad that offer a number of advantages over traditional sintered pads. These pads are made from a mixture of metal ceramic particles and a resin binder that is sintered at a lower temperature. This process results in a brake pad that is quieter, produces less brake dust, and has a long lifespan and is kinder to rotors compared to traditional sintered pads. They produce less brake dust, which can be harmful to the environment. They have a higher coefficient of friction than traditional sintered pads, which means that they grip the brake rotors more effectively. This results in more powerful braking and shorter stopping distances.



Sintered brake pads are known for their exceptional durability and heat resistance, making them an excellent choice for downhill and extreme riding. Gorilla Brakes' Sintered compound delivers consistent performance in wet and muddy conditions, thanks to its superior friction and heat dissipation properties. These pads are long-lasting and maintain their performance even under heavy loads.



Kevlar brake pads are designed to offer a perfect balance of durability, performance, and noise reduction. These pads utilize a Kevlar-infused compound, which provides excellent stopping power in various conditions while minimizing noise and vibration. Kevlar pads are suitable for both recreational and aggressive riding styles.

Organic  Competition 

(New for 2024)

Discover the next generation in braking – the all-new Gorilla brakes  Organic Brake Pad, designed exclusively for 2024. Drawing inspiration from our trusted classic semi-metallic range, the Organic is a testament to evolution in braking technology. We've delved deeper, harnessing improved compounds and state-of-the-art materials to redefine your braking experience. Soft  compound.


Multi-Compound Semi-Metallic

The Normal Semi-Metallic compound is a versatile option that offers reliable stopping power and durability. These pads are suitable for a wide range of riding styles and conditions, providing consistent performance across various terrains. They strike a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice among riders.


Enduro Ceramic

Ceramic brake pads are designed to reduce heat build-up and improve braking performance, particularly during prolonged descents. Gorilla Brakes' Enduro Ceramic compound offers excellent modulation and control, ensuring reliable stopping power in diverse weather conditions. These pads are long-lasting and provide a quiet braking experience in dry condtions. Medium Compound 


Aluminum Backplate Cooling Finned Semi-Metallic

The Aluminum Back Plate Cooling Finned Semi-Metallic compound is engineered for riders who demand maximum heat dissipation. These pads feature aluminum cooling fins on the backplate, which help dissipate heat more efficiently, resulting in consistent performance during extended descents and intense braking. They offer excellent modulation and stopping power.


Ceramic / Resin /  Organic Buna N

Made from ceramic particles and BUNA N, these brake pads offer a number of advantages over other types of brake pads. They are quieter, produce less brake dust, perform well in wet weather, and can help to reduce rotor wear. If you are looking for a high-performance brake pad for your bicycle, then ceramic brake pads are a great option. Please note this brake pad will wear much quicker than any of the other products in our line of compounds.


Resin / Organic Compound

Introducing Gorilla Brakes: Resin compound for bicycles. Unparalleled stopping power, quiet operation, reduced wear on rotors, all-weather performance, and eco-friendly. Elevate your cycling experience with Gorilla Brakes' high-performance brake pads. Trust the power of resin compound technology. Please note this resin brake pad compound will wear very quickly under hard riding. 



Choosing the right brake pads is crucial for optimising your cycling experience. Gorilla Brakes offers a comprehensive range of disc brake pad compounds, each tailored to meet the specific needs of different riding styles and conditions. Whether you're a downhill enthusiast, a trail rider, or a casual cyclist, Gorilla Brakes has the perfect brake pads to enhance your stopping power, control, and overall safety on the bike. Invest in Gorilla Brakes' disc brake pads and unleash your cycling potential.