Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Compounds: SRAM AXS RIVAL FORCE Disc Brake Calipers


The quest for the perfect brake pads is never-ending. But with the introduction of Gorilla Brakes' Enduro Pro Compounds, specifically designed for SRAM AXS RIVAL FORCE Disc Brake Calipers, that search might just be over. This blog dives into the outstanding features of these brake pads and their compatibility with various SRAM models.


Please be aware that there are two slightly different shaped versions of this brake pad. However, both versions are compatible with the same calipers.Compatibility with SRAM Models:


One of the standout features of Gorilla Brakes' Enduro Pro Compounds is their vast compatibility with a range of SRAM disc brake calipers. Here are the models they are perfectly matched with:

Why Choose Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Compounds?

1. Superior Braking Performance: Enduro Pro Compounds promise unparalleled stopping power. Whether you're descending rocky terrains or navigating city roads, these brake pads ensure sharp and consistent braking.

2. Longevity: Thanks to their unique composition, these brake pads boast impressive wear resistance, reducing the frequency of replacements.

3. Versatility: As illustrated by the compatibility list, the Enduro Pro Compounds cater to a range of cycling needs, whether it's ROAD, GRAVEL, CITY, or Mountain biking.

4. Noise Reduction: No more screeching brakes! The Pro Compounds have been meticulously designed to minimize noise, ensuring a peaceful ride.

Cycling with SRAM – The Brand Perspective:

SRAM has established itself as a go-to brand for cyclists worldwide, catering to diverse cycling niches:

  • ROAD: From competitive races to leisurely town rides, SRAM offers performance-driven solutions.

  • GRAVEL: Tackling rugged terrains requires robust equipment, and SRAM's GRAVEL series is designed just for that.

  • CITY: SRAM's CITY bike components are designed for urban cyclists, emphasizing comfort and safety.

  • Mountain: For those who prefer the challenges of mountain trails, SRAM provides durable and reliable mountain biking components.


Gorilla Brakes' Enduro Pro Compounds paired with SRAM's disc brake calipers form an unbeatable combination, delivering exceptional performance across various terrains and conditions. Whether you're a professional cyclist or someone who enjoys the occasional ride, these brake pads are worth considering.

Stay safe, and happy cycling!


SRAM-equipped bike from the 2017-2019 MONOBLOCK CALIPER lineup.

Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Disc Brake Pads: The Perfect Match for SRAM's MONOBLOCK CALIPER Series


In the ever-evolving world of cycling, the braking system stands out as a key component that ensures both performance and safety. With the rise of SRAM as a trusted brand in the cycling community, the demand for premium brake pads that complement its systems has skyrocketed. Enter Gorilla Brakes' Enduro Pro Disc Brake Pads – a solution tailor-made for SRAM's MONOBLOCK CALIPER series from 2017-2019.

Compatibility and Design for SRAM MONOBLOCK CALIPER Series:

The Enduro Pro Disc Brake Pads are specifically engineered for the MONOBLOCK CALIPER family that was popular between 2017 and 2019. Here's a breakdown of the models they seamlessly integrate with:

Why Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro for SRAM’s MONOBLOCK CALIPER?

1. Precision Engineering: Designed to fit perfectly with SRAM’s MONOBLOCK CALIPER models, these pads ensure efficient and responsive braking.

2. Enhanced Durability: Made with quality materials and built for endurance, the Enduro Pro pads guarantee a longer lifespan, even under tough conditions.

3. Versatility for All Terrains: Whether you’re cycling on ROAD, navigating GRAVEL paths, or breezing through the CITY, these brake pads promise consistent performance.

4. Quiet Operation: Say goodbye to noisy brakes! The Enduro Pro compounds reduce brake noise, ensuring smoother and quieter rides.

SRAM: A Commitment to Excellence:

SRAM has always been synonymous with quality and innovation in the cycling realm:

  • ROAD: Tailored for speed and efficiency, SRAM’s ROAD components elevate the cycling experience.

  • GRAVEL: Built to withstand challenging terrains, SRAM’s GRAVEL range is all about resilience and reliability.

  • CITY: Catering to the urban cyclist, SRAM’s CITY series emphasizes safety, comfort, and style.


The Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Disc Brake Pads, when paired with SRAM's esteemed MONOBLOCK CALIPER series, offer a synergy that every cyclist dreams of. From enhanced braking performance to increased durability, these pads are a must-have for anyone riding a SRAM-equipped bike from the 2017-2019 MONOBLOCK CALIPER lineup.

Ensure your rides are not only fast but also safe. Elevate your cycling experience with Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro.