Mastering the Trails: A Comprehensive Review of Lewis LH4 Disc Brakes


Working for Gorilla brakes , We constantly on the lookout for equipment that can elevate our riding experience. That's why we were excited to test the Lewis LH4 Brakes, paired with our Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Ultimate in the rear and Enduro Pro Resin in the front. In this post, we will share our comprehensive review, detailing everything from the bedding process to their performance on steep descents.

Bedding In: 

The bedding process for the Lewis LH4 is notably quicker than other brands,  Initially, the brakes might not feel remarkably powerful, but their true strength shined through on the first descent. It's a reminder that sometimes, good things Brakes do not need to cost the earth.

Power and Control: 

The power delivery of the LH4 brakes is both smooth and controlled. What impressed us the most was the level of modulation. The brakes prevent locking up but still offer the possibility of skidding when needed. This versatility is a big plus for diverse trail conditions.

Fine-Tuning for Precision:

The bite point control on these brakes is a standout feature. It allows for precise adjustments, ensuring that the braking experience is tailored to individual preferences and riding styles. This level of customization is what makes the LH4 in our opinion a great brake.

Comparing with the Competition:

When put side by side with competitors like SRAM Codes or Shimano XT 4 piston brakes, and the Magura MT7 the LH4's ease of power access is a game-changer. They require less effort for engagement yet provide a similar, if not better, modulation compared to the Codes and MT7. The power ramps up more quickly, but not as abruptly as the Shimano XT brakes on off feel.

Adaptation and Ease of Use:

For riders who prefer a smooth braking style, the LH4 is a dream. The light touch needed for speed adjustment makes them ideal for quick reactions on trails. While it took a couple of seconds to adjust, using these brakes soon felt natural, highlighting their intuitive design.

Testing in Extreme Conditions:

The real test for any mountain bike brake is how it handles challenging conditions. During my rides, particularly on steep, sustained rock and chattery surfaces, the LH4 brakes excelled. They maintained their composure, with no fading or pumping up, even during intense 1000-ft descent.


After thorough testing, I can confidently say the Lewis LH4 brakes are a top-tier choice for mountain bikers seeking power, control, and ease of use. Whether you're navigating steep descents or technical trails, these brakes provide the reliability and performance needed for a superior riding experience.

We are currently in the initial phase of testing and will periodically update this blog with any challenges we encounter.

Additionally, it's worth noting the ease of setup and bleeding for the Lewis LH4 Brakes. For more detailed information on this process, be sure to check out our other blog post dedicated to setting up the Lewis LH4 Brakes.