NRS ONE: Revolutionising Bicycle Brake Pads

Gorilla Brakes Unveils the NRS ONE: Revolutionising Bicycle Brake Pads

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Prepare for a game-changing upgrade with Gorilla Brakes the latest innovation - the NRS ONE Bicycle Brake Pads.

This breakthrough is brought to you by NUCAP, a global leader in brake safety technologies since 1994, renowned for pioneering brake solutions in over 90 countries.


The NRS ONE stands out with its unique one-piece design, a patent from NUCAP.

This innovative design ensures the most efficient and straightforward brake replacement, setting new standards in the cycling world.

Features of the NRS ONE

  • One Piece Design: This innovative approach enhances durability and reliability.
  • Stainless Steel Design: Offers robustness and corrosion resistance.
  • Semi-Metallic Formula: Ensures optimal performance for all cycling needs.
  • Quiet Operation: noise-free ride even under intense use.
  • Strong Bite and Smooth Modulation: Provides superior control and response.
  • All-Weather Performance: Reliable in various weather conditions.
  • Cooler Performance: Minimizes heat build-up for consistent braking.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Designed to withstand prolonged use.

Wide Compatibility Range

The NRS ONE is compatible with a vast array of brake systems, including popular brands like SHIMANO, TEKTRO, TRP, SRAM, AVID, MAGURA, and CAMPAGNOLO, covering a wide range of models.

This extensive compatibility makes the NRS ONE a versatile choice for various bicycles, from Road Gravel and Mountain bikes.

Advanced Technology Behind NRS ONE

NUCAP’s innovation extends beyond design to the materials and manufacturing process.

The NRS (NUCAP Retention System) technology is a hallmark of their commitment to advancement in brake technologies.

This method allows for steel to be coated before pressing friction composites, resulting in superior bonding and performance. Recognized with the prestigious PACE award, NRS technology has been lauded for its innovative approach in the automotive industry for many years, now adapted for bicycles.

The Future of Bicycle Braking

At Nucap, the focus extends beyond mere product creation; it's fueled by a deep passion for cycling. The team of engineers, motivated by their own enthusiasm for the sport, has dedicated years to the painstaking development of the semi-metallic brake material. This process, enriched by rigorous lab and field testing and reinforced by feedback from professionals, ensures that the NRS ONE meets the varied demands of cyclists, whether they're into road cycling, mountain biking, or e-bikes.

The NRS ONE is not just a product; it's a testament to Nucap's commitment to exceeding the expectations of a diverse range of cycling enthusiasts.


The NRS ONE with Gorilla Brakes represents a significant leap forward in bicycle brake technology. Its combination of innovative design, advanced materials, and broad compatibility makes it a top choice for cyclists seeking performance and reliability.

Experience the future of bicycle braking with the NRS ONE – where safety meets innovation.