Understanding the Differences between Hope E4 and V4 Brakes

The Difference Between Hope E4 and V4 Brakes

When diving into the world of mountain biking and cycling, one quickly realizes the importance of a good braking system. Hope Technology is a renowned brand in the biking community, known for its high-quality brake systems and components. Two popular disc brake models from the company are the Hope E4 and V4. If you're considering these brakes for your ride but aren't sure which one to go for, this blog will break down the differences for you.

1. Application and Intended Use:

  • Hope E4: The E4 is designed for trail, enduro, and all-mountain riding. It's versatile and can handle a wide range of terrains. Its design focuses on a blend of power and modulation, making it suitable for those who love to ride aggressive trails but also want control.

  • Hope V4: V4 is Hope's more downhill-oriented brake. If you are a rider that enjoys steep, fast descents or participates in downhill racing, then the V4 is designed with you in mind. It's built for maximum stopping power.

2. Piston Count:

  • Hope E4: As the name suggests, the E4 features a 4-piston caliper design. This means it has four hydraulic pistons that push the brake pads against the rotor. This design is a balance between power and modulation.

  • Hope V4: The V4 also features a 4-piston design but is generally larger, which translates to more braking power.

3. Weight:

  • Hope E4: Being aimed at all-mountain and trail riding, the E4 brakes are designed to be lighter, allowing for easier pedaling and maneuverability.

  • Hope V4: Due to its robust construction for downhill application, the V4 is slightly heavier than the E4.

4. Rotor Compatibility:

  • Hope E4: Works best with Hope's floating rotors but is also compatible with other rotor brands and designs.

  • Hope V4: Given its design for high-intensity downhill braking, the V4 often requires larger rotors for optimum performance. These larger rotors dissipate heat better and provide more surface area for braking.

5. Modulation vs. Power:

  • Hope E4: Offers superior modulation. This means riders can finely control the amount of braking force they apply, allowing for smoother deceleration and cornering.

  • Hope V4: While it also has decent modulation, the primary strength of the V4 is its raw stopping power.

6. Price Point:

While prices can vary based on region and retailer, generally, the V4, with its robust construction for downhill, may come in at a slightly higher price point than the E4.


The right brake for you will largely depend on your riding style and the terrains you tackle. If you're an all-mountain rider who values modulation and control, the E4 may be your best bet. However, if downhill racing and steep terrains are your calling, the powerful V4 might be the way to go.

Always remember to consider other factors like maintenance, availability of spare parts, and personal preferences when choosing a brake system. Both the Hope E4 and V4 are quality choices, and you can't go wrong with either! Safe riding!