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Shimano XT 755 756 Disc Brake Pads Multi compound
Shimano XT 755 756 Disc Brake Pads Multi compound

Shimano XT 755 756 Disc Brake Pads Multi compound

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Brake Compound

GorillaBrakes Shimano XT Disc Brake Pads

Elevate your cycling experience with the GorillaBrakes Shimano XT Disc Brake Pads. Specifically designed for the Shimano XT 755 and 756 models, these pads promise optimum braking efficiency and unmatched durability.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Compatibility: Precision-engineered for Shimano XT BR-M755 and 756 disc brakes, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal braking performance.

  • Thermal Management: Withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees without any brake fade, guaranteeing consistent stopping power regardless of the conditions.

  • Spring: Fitted with Gorilla's robust stainless steel spring, ensuring sustained tension and a longer lifespan.

Why GorillaBrakes?

  • Extended Pad Life: Our brake pads are designed to last longer than standard OEM pads, offering better value over time.

  • Optimized Heat Dissipation: Our enhanced compound formula guarantees superior heat management, ensuring your brakes stay cool even under intense use.

Ordering & Support:

Quality Assurance: Your peace of mind is essential. We offer a 60-day warranty and a Money-Back Guarantee on our product.

For any inquiries, support, or assistance:

Detailed Compatibility:

  • Shimano XT Series: BR-M755

Invest in a safer, more efficient ride with GorillaBrakes – where commitment to quality meets top-tier performance.