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Buy high quality brake pads for many Hope brake models including E4, Mono Mini, V4 and X2 supplied by Gorilla Brakes.

Hope Technology is a British manufacturer of bicycle components and accessories. Based in Lancashire, they began in the 80’s as a machining company producing parts for the aerospace sector. In 1989, they started manufacturing disc brakes for mountain bikes for the personal use of the owners. They quickly realising this new product in an emerging sport could lead the company in a new direction. After decades building an international reputation for high quality products, they have more recently partnered with Lotus to produce a track bike that has been used by the GB Cycling Team in the recent Tokyo Olympics.

Hope now manufactures virtually all major bike parts. Every product is manufactured on site in their state of the art manufacturing facility in Lancashire. Where Hope have total control over their hand assembled finished components. Around 50% of production is exported to more than 40 countries all over the World where it is largely supplied by specialist retailers. Hope now have a strong reputation for excellent quality. Reliable components and are favoured by cycle enthusiasts seeking to upgrade.