Stealth SRAM CODE Disc Brake Pads by Gorilla Brakes

Gorilla Brakes Presents: The Stealthy Power of the SRAM CODE Disc Brake Pads

Bringing your mountain biking or downhill biking game to the next level requires exceptional equipment that offers unmatched performance, safety, and style. That’s where Gorilla Brakes steps in, introducing the SRAM CODE Disc Brake Pads with groundbreaking Stealth technology.


The Stealth Aesthetic

The SRAM CODE disc brake, a legendary force in the biking world, now comes with an added layer of innovation: the Stealth design. This isn’t just any redesign, it's a revamp aimed at optimizing the look and feel of your bike’s cockpit. The new lever body design seamlessly pulls the hose closer to the bar. The result? A more streamlined, modern aesthetic for your ride.

Code Bronze – Where Form Meets Function

The SRAM CODE Bronze isn’t just about the looks. It brings functionality to the forefront. The tool-free Reach Adjust feature allows riders to customize their braking experience without the need for any complex tools or setups. Just a few simple tweaks, and you're good to go.


Consistency is Key

If there's one thing that stands out about the SRAM CODE Disc Brake Pads by Gorilla Brakes, it's the unwavering consistency. For a biker, especially those tackling challenging terrains or taking those sharp turns, knowing that your brakes will respond the same every time is paramount. It’s not just about braking power, but about the confidence in knowing that the performance is predictable, reliable, and dependable.

Organic SRAM CODE disc brake pads

Why Choose SRAM CODE Disc Brake Pads by Gorilla Brakes?

  • Technology: Enhance compound selection
  • Tool-Free Reach Adjust: Personalize your braking experience effortlessly.
  • Unwavering Performance: Expect the same top-notch performance every single time.

In Conclusion

For riders looking for an impeccable blend of style and function, the SRAM CODE Disc Brake Pads by Gorilla Brakes is a game-changer. With its Stealth technology and Code Bronze features, it promises not just superior braking performance but also a biking experience like no other.

Don't compromise. Opt for the best. Better rides begin with better brakes.

Note: Ensure to check product specifications, compatibility, and safety guidelines before making a purchase. Always rely on professional advice for installation and maintenance.