Hope RX4 Disc Brake Pads multi-compound Sram 30mm
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Hope RX4 disc brake pads  multi compound  Sram version 30mm

Hope RX4 disc brake pads multi compound Sram version 30mm

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Brake Compound

Gorilla Disc Brake Pads: Designed for Hope RX4 (SRAM Version, 30mm)


Ensure optimal braking performance with our precision-engineered brake pads, tailored exclusively for the Hope RX4 disc brake, SRAM version, measuring 30mm in length.

🔔 Compatibility Alert: This product is specifically crafted for the SRAM RX4 30MM short version. Please verify your brake model before placing an order.

Product Overview:

  • Model: Gorilla Disc Brake Pads - Optimized for Hope RX4 (30mm SRAM Version).
  • Thermal Resistance: Sustain up to 600°C temperature without any brake fade, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Spring: Reinforced with Gorilla's robust stainless steel spring for dependable engagement.
  • Warranty: Comprehensive 60-day coverage.
  • Return Policy: Full money-back guarantee, underlining our commitment to quality.
  • Shipping Details: Same-day dispatch with next-day delivery option for UK orders.

Why Choose Gorilla Brakes?

Our brake pads undergo rigorous testing and are crafted to exceed the highest industry standards. With an extended lifespan longer than typical OEM brake pads—Gorilla brake pads showcase the pinnacle of quality and innovation. Trust in our advanced heat dissipation formula for consistent, fade-free performance.

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