Gorilla Brakes NRS ONE Disc Brake Pads for SRAM HRD ETap Force

Gorilla Brakes NRS ONE Disc Brake Pads for SRAM HRD ETap Force

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Gorilla Brakes NRS ONE Disc Brake Pads

Compatible with SRAM Models:

  • Red eTap AXS (Gen1)
  • eTap HRD, Red 22 HRD
  • Force 22 HRD (B1), Force 1 HRD
  • Rival 22 HRD (B1), Rival 1 HRD
  • Apex 1 HRD
  • S-700 HRD (B1)
  • S-900 HRD
  • Level Ultimate, TLM (2016-2019)

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design: Minimizes extra weight on your bike, improving handling and performance.
  • Stainless Steel Spring: Offers durability and maintains consistent force for reliable braking.
  • Predictable Braking Power: Provides dependable stopping power under various conditions.
  • Consistently Quiet: Reduces noise for a quieter ride, enhancing rider comfort.
  • Smooth Modulation: Allows for fine control over braking intensity, from soft to strong application.

Quick and Easy Installation:

  • Fastest Changeover: Revolutionary design allows for swapping brake pads in seconds.
  • Pinch & Insert Method: Simply squeeze and slide the new NRS ONE brake pad into place.

NRS ONE Bicycle Brake Pads:

  • One Piece Design: Streamlines installation and maintenance.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Ensures strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Semi-Metallic Formula: Balances performance for daily use and aggressive riding.
  • Quiet Operation: Keeps rides peaceful with reduced brake noise.
  • Strong Bite: Provides excellent stopping power from the first use.
  • Smooth Modulation: Ensures control in varying weather conditions.
  • Cooler Performance: Dissipates heat effectively, enhancing brake life and performance.
  • Long-Lasting: Durable materials and design extend the life of the brake pads.

Gorilla Brakes NRS ONE Disc Brake Pads, combining robust performance and exceptional ease of use. Perfect for cyclists who demand the best in safety and efficiency.