Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Compounds: reveiw

Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Compounds: A Game-Changer in the 

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, it's not often that a product comes along which truly redefines the standards of performance and quality. However, the Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Compounds have done just that, according to an in-depth review by a seasoned rider, PJ, who tested these brakes under the demanding conditions of Bike Park Wales.

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"These brake pads not just good, but exceptional".

Responsive and Powerful from the Get-Go

Right from the first pull, PJ noticed a significant difference in responsiveness and power compared to the previous brake pads. This immediate engagement is crucial for riders who need trust and reliability in their equipment, especially when navigating through challenging terrains.

Quieter Operation in Wet Conditions

One of the common grievances with brake pads is their tendency to become noisy when wet. The Enduro Pro Compounds, however, stand out for being quieter than their predecessors, even in the wettest conditions. This reduction in noise is not just a comfort factor but also adds to the overall confidence of the rider.

Enhanced Heavy Braking Performance

When it comes to heavy braking, the Enduro Pro Compounds shine by offering more bite as pressure builds. This feature is especially appreciated during intense downhill rides where stopping power and control are paramount.


The ability to trust in your brakes can significantly impact riding speed and aggression. PJ noted a considerable boost in confidence due to the power and modulation available with these pads, making last-minute braking into steep corners a non-issue.

Durability in Harsh Conditions

Despite being put through some of the worst weather conditions and demanding tracks, the pads have shown excellent durability. While there's a slight, very minimal noise on the first application, there's no power loss, which speaks volumes about their reliability and performance longevity.

Comparative Advantage

When compared to other race pads, the Enduro Pro Compounds react quicker in wet conditions, providing a competitive edge. Although their wear rate is slightly higher, than the Enduro Pro Ultimate it's a small price to pay for their superior performance.

Final Verdict

After rigorous testing across different terrains and conditions, PJ's review underscores a clear verdict: the Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Compounds are a breakthrough in cycling technology. They not only meet but exceed the expectations of riders looking for unparalleled performance, durability, and confidence. While these pads might wear down faster due to their high-performance nature, their ability to maintain full power and exhibit no brake fade is unmatched.

For those eagerly awaiting the release of these pads, PJ's recommendation couldn't be clearer. The Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Compounds are not just recommended; they are seen as a necessity for serious riders seeking the best in braking performance. As PJ aptly puts it, testing these pads has turned him into a "Gorilla Brake fanboy," a testament.

In a market flooded with options, finding products that truly stand out can be challenging. Yet, according to this detailed review, the Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Compounds do just that, setting a new benchmark for what riders can expect from their equipment. Whether you're tackling steep descents or navigating through challenging trails, these brake pads promise to elevate your riding experience to new heights.