Gorilla Brakes Titanium Flatmount Caliper Bolts GRX ULTEGRA DURA-ACE 105

Introduction: We're spotlighting a component that might be small but plays a vital part  of your bike - The Gorilla Brakes M5 Titanium Flatmount Caliper Bolts. These bolts are not just any hardware; they embody strength, style, and superior engineering.

What Are They. Gorilla Brakes M5 Titanium Flatmount Caliper Bolts are premium, lightweight bolts crafted for attaching flatmount calipers to bike frames. Made from robust Gr5 6Al-4V Titanium, they offer unmatched durability and corrosion resistance.

Why Titanium: Titanium is favored in high-performance cycling components for its incredible strength-to-weight ratio. It’s strong, durable, and light, making it perfect for caliper bolts where reducing weight is essential without sacrificing strength.

Rolled Threads for Enhanced Durability: Each bolt features rolled threads, a key detail that sets these bolts apart. Rolled threads are formed by compressing and molding the material, which results in a stronger, smoother, and more fatigue-resistant thread compared to traditional cut threads. This process aligns the grain flow of the titanium, enhancing the bolt's ability to withstand higher loads and reducing the risk of thread stripping or failure.

Shimano Flat mount disc brake caliper bolts

Custom Anodizing and Lifetime Warranty: At Gorilla Brakes, we anodize each titanium bolt in-house for superior quality and finish. We're so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on both the anodizing and the titanium material.

Broad Compatibility: These bolts are compatible with a wide range of Shimano calipers, catering to various cycling disciplines:

Customization Options: Our bolts come in a range of anodized colors for a custom look. You can personalize your bike's appearance to match your style.

Installation and Maintenance: Installation is straightforward, though it's crucial to follow the correct torque specifications. The corrosion-resistant nature of titanium means less maintenance and more riding.

Performance Benefits: Switching to these lightweight titanium bolts can noticeably reduce your bike's overall weight, enhancing speed and efficiency – key for competitive and recreational cyclists alike.

Conclusion: Gorilla Brakes M5 Titanium Flatmount Caliper Bolts are a small upgrade with a significant impact. They offer broad compatibility, customization options, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. These bolts, with their superior rolled threads, are an essential upgrade for any serious cyclist.