Shimano BR-R7070 105 Disc Brake Calipers

Shimano BR-R7070 105 Disc Brake Calipers

There's an unwritten rule in the world of cycling: reliability and performance are paramount. But even within those standards, some products manage to stand out, elevating the entire riding experience. The SHIMANO BR-R7070 105 flat mount disc brake caliper is one such marvel.

Engineering Prowess and Precision At Its Best

This isn't just any brake caliper. It's a masterclass in engineering and functionality. Whether you're a city rider constantly navigating sharp turns and unpredictable traffic or an off-road enthusiast taking on unpredictable terrains, this brake caliper ensures impeccable braking efficiency.

  • Oversized Ceramic Pistons: The 22mm ceramic pistons aren't just designed for show. They're optimized for heat insulation, ensuring your brakes remain cool even under immense pressure. Lightweight yet sturdy, these pistons deliver unparalleled stopping power.

  • Opposed 2-Piston Design: Not only does this design minimize the leading effect, but it also ensures even pad wear, leading to more consistent braking control.

 Shimano BR-R7070 Disc brake caliper silver

User-Friendly Features Galore

For the DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike, the SHIMANO BR-R7070 promises ease of use:

  • One-Way Internal Fluid Circuit: No more cumbersome bleeding processes. This innovative design makes maintenance seamless.

  • Mineral Oil Brake Fluid: Ditch the corrosive, traditional hydraulic brake fluids. Embrace safety and longevity with the mineral oil brake fluid.

  • Shim-less Mounting Bracket: Installation is no longer a task you'd dread. It's quick, simple, and efficient.

Safety and Serenity on Two Wheels

Imagine a ride where your only concern is the road ahead. The SHIMANO BR-R7070 brings that dream to life. Pair it with the Ice Tech Center Lock SM-RT70 rotors, and you've got a combo that promises nothing short of optimum braking performance.

Shimano BR-R7070 DIsc brake caliper RearShimano BR-R7070 105 Disc Brake Caliper FRONT

Upgrade Today for a Safer Tomorrow

SHIMANO BR-R7070 105, every ride becomes an experience. A smooth, safe, and sensational journey awaits. But remember, such engineering marvels don't stay on the shelves for long. Stocks are dwindling, and demand is soaring. Act now, pedal into the future, and redefine the very essence of biking! 🚴‍♂️💨 Gorilla Brakes 

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