Tyre Yogurt: The Ultimate Sealant for a Puncture-Free Ride

Ty Bike yogurt

The heart of mountain biking adventures the quest for uninterrupted rides

Tyre Yogurt emerges as a beacon of innovation and resilience against the dreaded punctures that can ruin the most rad days on the hill. Born from the fusion of passion for mountain biking and the frustration of punctures, Tyre Yogurt's journey from conception in Morzine in 2017 to the globally tested product it is today.

Conceived in Morzine, Perfected in Saddleworth

The story of Tyre Yogurt is as captivating as the trails of Morzine themselves. It all started in April 2017, when Jon encountered a persistent puncture that his latex-based sealant couldn't handle. This setback sparked a quest for a better solution, leading to the discovery of a non-latex industrial-grade tyre sealant that promised unmatched puncture protection. With Matthew Casson and John Dredge at the helm, Tyre Yogurt was destined for greatness.

The duo's relentless pursuit of perfection saw Tyre Yogurt undergo rigorous bench testing, countless miles of track testing, and the sacrifice of hundreds of tyres. Their efforts were not in vain, as they succeeded in crafting a sealant that not only lived up to its promise of being "Flat Free and Full of Fibre" but also set a new standard for premium puncture protection.

A Big Day Out on the Hill

Tyre Yogurt shines brightest when the trail gets tough. Designed to tackle large holes and cuts in tubeless tyres, the sealant's efficiency is unparalleled. Whether facing a 3mm hole or a challenging 6mm cut, Tyre Yogurt's superior formula ensures that riders stay on their bikes and off the sidelines.

The Journey to “Flat Free & Full of Fibre”

The development of Tyre Yogurt is a tale of innovation, collaboration, and relentless testing. After Jon's initial setback, he and Matthew embarked on a journey to refine and perfect the sealant. Recruiting a team of riders across Europe, they meticulously tweaked the formula based on real-world feedback.

As seasons changed, the testing ground shifted from the French Alps to the rugged terrains of Saddleworth, Northern England. Here, the sealant was put to the test in the harshest conditions, proving its versatility. The team's commitment to excellence led them to upgrade their formula to a military-grade spec, further enhancing Tyre Yogurt's performance.

Beyond Sealant: A Complete Tubeless Solution

Recognising the integral role of all components in a tubeless setup, TY Bike Products didn't stop at creating an outstanding sealant. They set out to address the shortcomings of tubeless valves and rim tape in the market. Their Flat Base Tubeless Valve and the choice of Gorilla Tape for rim sealing exemplify their dedication to providing a comprehensive tubeless solution, ensuring an airtight fit and simplifying maintenance.

Versatility and Beyond

Tyre Yogurt's impact extends far beyond mountain biking. Its versatility has been proven in a variety of applications, from urban mobility vehicles like OneWheel and e-skateboards to everyday essentials such as pram and wheelchair tyres. This adaptability highlights Tyre Yogurt's unparalleled formula, capable of sealing punctures across a broad spectrum of tyres.

Sealing up 

Tyre Yogurt is not just a sealant; it's a testament to innovation and the relentless pursuit of perfection. From its humble beginnings in Morzine to becoming a globally recognized solution for puncture protection, Tyre Yogurt continues to set the benchmark for tubeless tyre sealants. Whether you're shredding trails, commuting, or enjoying a day out with the family, Tyre Yogurt ensures that your adventure never ends on a flat note.