Unleashing the Power: Gorilla Brakes Review of the New 2023-2024 Sram Code Bronze Stealth Brakes

Gorilla Brakes dives into the exceptional 2023-2024 brakes lineup by Sram, featuring the legendary Code Bronze Stealth brake. This full-powered masterpiece has received an exciting upgrade with a revolutionary technology aimed at enhancing your cockpit's aesthetic appeal: Stealth.

Sram code bronze brake lever

One of the standout features of the Code Bronze Stealth is its all-new lever body design. This groundbreaking innovation brings the brake hose closer to the handlebar, resulting in a sleeker, more modern riding experience. With this elegant design, your bike's visual allure will be taken to a whole new level, leaving you with a cockpit setup that exudes style and sophistication.

But the advancements don't stop there. The Code Bronze also offers unrivalled customisation options to suit your preferences with utmost ease. No more fumbling around with tools for adjustments. With the introduction of tool-free Reach Adjust, you have full control over the position of your brake lever at your fingertips. Fine-tune your braking experience effortlessly, ensuring optimal comfort and confidence during each ride.

Sram code Bronze brake caliper

At Gorilla Brakes, we understand that control is the key to a remarkable cycling experience. That's why we place great emphasis on developing brake pads that deliver consistent and reliable performance, every single time. With the Code Bronze Stealth, you can embark on your rides with unwavering confidence, knowing that your brakes will consistently provide top-tier performance, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions you encounter.

The 2023-2024 brakes lineup represents an exciting chapter for Sram, and the Code Bronze Stealth brake takes stage as a true game-changer. Experience the sheer power, precision, and style of this brake, and take your riding adventures to unparalleled heights. Elevate your cockpit aesthetic effortlessly, customise your setup seamlessly, and embrace the confidence that comes with the  Code Bronze Stealth. Get ready to redefine your riding experience with Gorilla Brakes brake pad compounds.

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