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E-Biking or Mountain Biking? Upgrade with Gorilla Brakes Factory Racing Disc Brake Compound for Formula CURA 4

When it comes to e-biking or mountain biking, having top-quality brakes is essential. The Gorilla Brakes Factory Racing Disc Brake Compound, designed for Formula CURA 4 disc brakes, offers excellent braking power, durability, and control. Discover why upgrading to Gorilla Brakes is the best decision for your ride.

Why Choose Gorilla Brakes Factory Racing Disc Brake Compound?

1. Stopping Power

The high-friction Gorilla Brakes compound ensures powerful braking, providing the necessary stopping force even on steep and challenging trails. This is crucial for high-speed e-bike rides and technical mountain biking.

2. Durability

Made to endure intense pressure and high temperatures, this brake compound delivers long-lasting performance. Its durability minimizes wear and extends the life of your brakes, offering great value over time.

3. Heat Dissipation

Effective heat management is key to preventing brake fade. Gorilla Brakes compound dissipates heat efficiently, maintaining reliable performance during prolonged braking sessions, particularly beneficial for e-bikes facing higher speeds and heavier loads.

4. Modulation

Enhanced modulation allows for smooth and accurate braking, giving you better handling and confidence on rough terrains. With Gorilla Brakes, you can finely tune your braking force to match various riding conditions.

5. Low Noise Operation

Gorilla Brakes are designed to reduce noise, minimizing squeals and vibrations for a quieter ride without sacrificing performance.

6. Perfect Fit for Formula CURA 4

Specifically tailored for Formula CURA 4 disc brakes, Gorilla Brakes ensure a perfect fit and easy installation, making them an ideal upgrade for both e-bikes and mountain bikes.

Why Formula CURA 4 Disc Brakes Stand Out

Formula CURA 4 disc brakes are renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability. Here’s why they are a top choice for many riders:

1. Four-Piston Power

The CURA 4 features a four-piston caliper design that provides robust stopping power, ensuring even pressure distribution and greater braking force, suitable for both e-bikes and mountain bikes.

2. Lightweight Design

Despite their powerful performance, Formula CURA 4 brakes are lightweight. The caliper, made from forged aluminum, reduces weight while maintaining strength and durability.

3. Excellent Modulation

These brakes offer excellent modulation, allowing for smooth and precise control over braking force, crucial for maintaining control on technical trails and during high-speed descents.

4. Easy Maintenance

Designed with convenience in mind, these brakes feature tool-free reach adjustment and easy pad replacement, simplifying maintenance even after demanding rides.

5. Consistent Performance

Formula CURA 4 brakes deliver consistent performance in all conditions, whether wet, muddy, or dry, ensuring reliable braking every time.

Specs of Formula CURA 4 Disc Brakes

  • Caliper Material: Forged Aluminum
  • Pistons: 4
  • Weight: Approximately 379 grams (front, including rotor)
  • Rotor Sizes: Compatible with 160mm, 180mm, 203mm, and 220mm rotors
  • Brake Fluid: Mineral Oil
  • Mounting: Post Mount
  • Lever Adjustment: Tool-free reach adjustment

The Benefits of Upgrading

Switching to Gorilla Brakes Factory Racing Disc Brake Compound offers numerous benefits, including enhanced braking performance, better control, and increased durability. Reduced noise and improved heat dissipation also contribute to a more enjoyable riding experience.

Ideal for E-Bikes and Mountain Bikes

E-bikes and mountain bikes have specific needs due to their speed, weight, and the challenging terrains they often face. Gorilla Brakes are designed to meet these needs, making them a perfect upgrade for riders seeking improved brake systems. Whether you're a casual rider or a competitive cyclist, these brakes enhance safety and confidence.


The Gorilla Brakes Factory Racing Disc Brake Compound for Formula CURA 4 disc brakes is a premier upgrade for any e-bike or mountain bike. With superior stopping power, durability, heat management, modulation, and low noise, these brakes provide an exceptional riding experience. Combined with the top-tier performance of Formula CURA 4 disc brakes, you get the best in braking technology.

Don’t compromise on safety and performance – upgrade your brakes today and experience the difference!

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