Gorilla Brakes for Shimano GRX Series

Unleashing the Beast: A Deep Dive into Gorilla Brakes Disc Brake Pads for Shimano GRX RX810 and RX400 Disc Brake Calipers.

As bike enthusiasts and riders know, the performance of a bike is not just about the frame, the tires, or even the rider. It's also about the unsung hero of safety and control — the brake system. One of the key players in this realm are the disc brake pads, and when it comes to these, few brands command the respect and admiration that Gorilla Brakes do. Today, we will explore the use of Gorilla Brakes disc brake pads specifically in Shimano GRX RX810 and RX400 disc brake calipers, focusing on four types of Gorilla Brakes' compounds: Enduro Pro compounds - Enduro pro Ultimate compound, Enduro Pro Semi-metallic compound, and Enduro Pro Resin compounds.

About Gorilla Brakes

Gorilla Brakes as a company, has gained its reputation through a commitment to quality and constant innovation. Specializing in braking technology for a variety of bike models, the brand has become a trusted name among riders seeking unparalleled performance and safety.

image of shimano Grx disc brake caliper

Understanding the GRX RX810 and RX400

Shimano’s GRX, with its RX810 and RX400 calipers, is specifically designed for the rigors of gravel and adventure riding. This translates to a need for excellent braking power and heat management capabilities. Therefore, the right disc brake pads, like those from Gorilla Brakes, can significantly enhance the performance of these calipers.

1. Enduro Pro Ultimate Compound

Enduro Pro Ultimate Compound is a high-performance brake pad compound from Gorilla Brakes. These pads provide consistent braking power, heat resistance, and exceptional lifespan, making them a great choice for long rides and demanding terrains. They provide an impressive bite from the get-go and maintain their efficiency even in wet and muddy conditions.

When paired with Shimano GRX RX810 and RX400 calipers, the Enduro Pro Ultimate Compound pads deliver exceptional performance, capable of handling high-speed descents and challenging terrains with ease.

GRX SEMI-metallic brake pads

2. Enduro Pro Semi-Metallic Compound

The Semi-Metallic Compound is another fantastic offering from Gorilla Brakes. This compound is characterized by a balanced blend of metal and synthetic materials. The metallic parts provide heat resistance and excellent wear characteristics, while the synthetic part ensures low noise and improved modulation.

In Shimano GRX RX810 and RX400 calipers, the Enduro Pro Semi-metallic pads are highly effective for riders who value progressive feel and feedback from their brake system. These pads are also great for those who regularly ride in varied weather conditions as they offer consistent performance across different temperature ranges.


Shimano GRX resin brake pads


3. Enduro Pro Resin Compound

Resin pads are often chosen for their quiet operation and the smooth, controlled braking they offer. Gorilla Brakes' Enduro Pro Resin Compound excels in these aspects. These pads are softer, which means they may wear out faster than their metallic counterparts, but they deliver exceptional performance in terms of reducing brake noise and enhancing modulation.

With the Shimano GRX RX810 and RX400 calipers, these resin pads provide riders with a braking system that is as quiet as it is powerful — perfect for those long, peaceful rides on the trail or during an adventurous exploration on a new path.


Final Thoughts

Whether you're an adventure cyclist, a daily commuter, or someone who loves off-roading, having a reliable and efficient braking system is essential. Gorilla Brakes, with their wide range of compounds, provide excellent options for all types of riders and conditions.

Using Gorilla Brakes' Enduro Pro compounds (Ultimate, Semi-Metallic, or Resin) with Shimano GRX RX810 and RX400 disc brake calipers, riders can find the perfect match for their riding style and needs. Each compound offers unique benefits, and their versatility guarantees a high level of performance in a range of conditions.

Remember, your safety and the performance of your bike is significantly influenced by the quality of your brake pads. So, choose wisely and don't underestimate the power of a good pair of brake pads, especially ones as mighty as Gorilla Brakes.