SRAM Unveils Maven: The Future of Braking SURRON Electric Bikes ?

Innovation on Two Wheels: SRAM Sets New Standards with Maven Brakes

Is the cycling world on the precipice of a braking revolution, thanks to SRAM's latest innovation—the Maven brakes.  SRAM's Maven brakes are poised to redefine expectations, with unparalleled power.

The Maven Ultimate : A Glimpse into the Future (MAY BE)

SRAM's forthcoming Maven Ultimate  promises to equip riders with everything needed for peak performance. This kit is expected to feature limited-edition splash red anodized Maven Ultimate brakes, showcasing SRAM's commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. With calipers housing 18 and 19.5-millimeter pistons, the Maven brakes are anticipated to offer nearly 50% more stopping power than their predecessor,  (SRAM Code brakes​)

The inclusion of four HS2 rotors in various sizes and both organic and sintered XL brake pads suggests a vast array of tuning combinations, allowing riders to fine-tune their braking experience like never before​.

Rotor Size and Performance: 

SRAM's approach to rotor size in the Maven brakes underscores a meticulous attention to performance enhancement. With a reported 14% increase in mechanical power for every 20mm increase in rotor size, SRAM illustrates its mastery over the delicate balance between power and heat management. This design philosophy aims to ensure optimal performance under varying conditions, a testament to SRAM's innovative prowess.

A New Era for E-Bikes and Electric Motorbikes

While SRAM's Maven brakes are not explicitly marketed for heavy e-bikes or electric motorbikes, their robust design and substantial stopping power indicate potential applicability across a wide range of electric vehicles. With the e-bike and electric motorbike sectors booming, the demand for reliable, high-performance braking systems has never been higher. SRAM's foray into this space, with products like the Code and Guide RE brake, demonstrates an understanding of the unique challenges posed by these heavier, faster vehicles​.

Awaiting the Arrival

As the cycling and e-biking communities eagerly await the release of the Maven brakes, speculation abounds regarding the potential impact of these innovative braking systems. SRAM's track record of delivering cutting-edge cycling components suggests that the Maven brakes will set new standards for performance, and safety.

Your Thoughts

What are your expectations for SRAM's Maven brakes? How do you envision these brakes changing the game for cyclists and e-bikers alike? Share your thoughts and join the conversation as we anticipate one of the most exciting advancements in cycling technology.

Stay tuned for further updates on the release and availability of SRAM's Maven brakes, a development that promises to mark a new chapter in the evolution of cycling performance.

Update March 2024

Why MAVEN Brakes Stand Out

MAVEN brakes are not just any brakes; they are a testament to SRAM's commitment to innovation and performance. Engineered for the rider who demands both power and control, MAVEN brakes introduce an unseen level of baseline power, combined with SRAM's renowned lever feel. This fusion of power and finesse allows riders to fine-tune their ride based on personal needs and trail demands, thanks to customizable pad compounds and rotor sizes.

Enhanced Caliper Design

A standout feature of the MAVEN caliper is its four-bolt design, diverging from the traditional two-bolt system. This design choice is not merely aesthetic; it significantly increases caliper stiffness, reducing power loss through flex and ensuring a solid, reliable feel at the lever.

Progressive Power Delivery

MAVEN brakes utilize a Swinglink shape optimized specifically for them, offering raw power with a progressive delivery. This ensures that as the lever is pulled further, more power is directed to the pistons, maintaining SRAM's signature ride feel even under the most demanding conditions.

Stealth and Stiffness

In an era where the aesthetics of a bike are almost as important as its performance, MAVEN brakes feature a stealth architecture that integrates seamlessly with today's frame routing options. This sleek design is complemented by the use of a forged lever blade, the stiffest material available, ensuring maximum tactile feedback and performance.

Maintenance and Compatibility

Bed-In and Adjustability

To achieve optimal performance from the get-go, following the SRAM MTB Brake 'bed-in' procedure is crucial. MAVEN brakes also offer extensive adjustability, with tool-free Lever Reach Adjust across the range and Contact Point Adjust on the Ultimate and Silver models.

Compatibility Across the Board

MAVEN brakes are designed to work harmoniously with SRAM's existing components, including Stealth-a-Majig hose barb, olive and compression fittings, and hydraulic brake hoses. This broad compatibility underscores MAVEN's flexibility and ease of integration into various setups.

Bleeding and Fluid Requirements

MAVEN's mineral oil system requires less frequent maintenance than DOT fluid systems, with a recommended full bleed and fluid replacement every two years. It's essential to use the Maxima Mineral Brake Oil, co-developed by SRAM, to ensure the system's integrity and performance.

Final Thoughts

SRAM MAVEN brakes represent a significant step forward in mountain biking technology, offering riders unparalleled power, control, and adjustability. Whether you're descending steep terrain or navigating technical trails, MAVEN brakes provide the confidence and reliability needed to push limits. By following SRAM's maintenance guidelines and leveraging the system's full range of features, riders can enjoy a superior braking experience that enhances their overall ride.