The Ultimate Disc Brake Upgrade: 140mm to 160mm to 180mm with SHIMANO GRX

Enhancing Your Bike's Stopping Power: Upgrading from 140mm to 160mm or 180mm Disc Brake Rotors

Braking efficiently and safely is paramount when cycling. For those looking to enhance their bike's stopping power, one proven method is to upgrade the disc brake rotor size. Whether you're on a SHIMANO GRX BR-RX810 or SHIMANO GRX BR-RX400, or even if you have SRAM and other brands with flat mount brakes, here's how you can smoothly transition from a 140mm rotor to a 160mm or 180mm rotor. Plus, we have a tip on elevating your hardware's durability and style!

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Gather Your Supplies: Ensure you have everything ready. is a one-stop-shop for all the components you'll need for this upgrade.

2. Picking the Right Adapter: For increasing rotor size, an adapter is essential. Look for a flat mount disc brake adapter suitable for the rotor size increase you're aiming for (140mm to 160mm or 180mm 203mm 220mm).

3. Removing the 140mm Rotor:

  • Ensure your bike is stable, either using a bike stand or laying it carefully on its side.
  • Take off the wheel.
  • Use a T25 Torx wrench to unscrew the bolts holding the rotor.
  • Gently take off the 140mm rotor.

4. Attaching the New Rotor:

  • Position the new rotor (160mm or 180mm 203mm 220mm) on the hub, aligning with the mounting holes.
  • Planning on upgrading your hardware? It's recommended to invest in the Aerospace-grade 5 Titanium bolts from These offer greater resilience and a touch of aesthetic class.
  • Tighten the bolts using the T25 Torx wrench in a star pattern for even tension. Click for Titanium Rotor Bolts 
  • For Center Lock Rotors postition over the Hub spline and use a botttom Bracket tool if you have External center lock ring / Use cassette extraction tool for Internal lock rings

5. Adjusting the Brake Caliper with the Adapter:

  • Re-attach the wheel.
  • Slightly loosen the brake caliper mounting bolts.
  • Fit the flat mount disc brake adapter between the brake caliper and its mounting point.
  • Align the brake pads , fasten the caliper bolts.
  • Check for rotor and pad alignment. If any rubbing occurs, some re-adjustment might be necessary.

Why Make the Upgrade?

Enhanced Braking Performance: Bigger rotors mean a larger surface for the brake pads to act upon, resulting in improved heat management and consistent braking, especially vital during long descents.

Versatility: These adapters are not exclusive to SHIMANO GRX; they're also compatible with SRAM and other brands with flat mount brakes, making the transition smooth regardless of your brake brand.

Upgraded Hardware: Aerospace-grade 5 Titanium bolts aren't just a matter of style. They promise strength, are lightweight, and combat corrosion.


Boosting your bike's braking efficiency with a rotor upgrade is both a safety and performance choice. By following the steps above and equipping your bike with top-notch components from, including the Aerospace-grade 5 Titanium bolts, you ensure a combination of functionality and style. Ride on with confidence!