The Ultimate Upgrade: Gorilla Brakes' New Range of Titanium Bolts and Fasteners

In the world of cycling, every detail matters — from the choice of your bike's frame to the smallest bolt that holds it together.  Gorilla Brakes is excited to introduce our latest innovation in cycling hardware: a new range of Titanium bolts and Fasteners designed specifically for bicycles. Meticulously engineered for the highest performance and Corrosion resistence

Precision-Engineered for Peak Performance

Crafted from high-grade Grade 5 Titanium, known for its exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight properties, our new bolts set the standard for durability and performance. The choice of titanium ensures that these components offer an unbeatable combination of lightness and resilience, making them the perfect choice for cyclists who demand nothing but the best.

Tapered head titanium bolts

Customizable Colors to Match Your Style

We understand that personalization is key for many cyclists. That's why our new range of bolts is available in seven vibrant colors. Thanks to our advanced anodizing process, not only can you choose a hue that matches your bike's color scheme or your personal style, but you can also rest assured that the color will remain bright and resistant to fading and wear over time.

Lifetime Warranty: A Commitment to Quality

At Gorilla Brakes, we stand by the quality of our products. Our titanium bolts and fasteners come with a lifetime warranty on both the material and the anodizing finish. This commitment reflects our confidence in the durability and longevity of our products, giving you peace of mind with every ride.

Designed for a Perfect Fit

Our bolts are meticulously designed for a precise fit, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of bike components. With  metric thread widths available in lengths from 10mm to 50mm, our bolts are engineered to meet the needs of various cycling applications. Our True Socket Fit Technology guarantees that every bolt will seamlessly fit your tools, making installation and maintenance a breeze.

Hassle-Free Installation and Real-World Endorsements

Upgrading your bike with our titanium bolts is straightforward, thanks to their perfect fit for your tools. Our customers often share their satisfaction with the enhanced performance, quality, and aesthetic appeal of their bikes after upgrading. These testimonials underscore the tangible difference our bolts make in the cycling experience.

The Gorilla Brakes Advantage

Choosing Gorilla Brakes Titanium Bolts means opting for a product that embodies cutting-edge technology and meticulous engineering. But it's not just about the bolts. It's about enhancing your cycling, ensuring every ride is better than the last. Whether you're a professional racer or a cycling enthusiast, our bolts offer the reliability, performance, and style you need.

Gorilla Brakes' new range of titanium bolts and fasteners. It's time to upgrade to a ride that's as durable and reliable as it is visually stunning. Experience the difference today with Gorilla Brakes — where innovation meets performance