Understanding Shimano MT200, MT400, and MT500 Disc Brakes.

Understanding Shimano MT200, MT400, and MT500 Disc Brakes

As a leading name in the world of cycling components, Shimano has earned a reputation for delivering top-tier performance and reliability in their products. Their disc brake series is no exception, having revolutionised cycling safety and control. Today, we'll delve into a comprehensive comparison of three models from their MT series: MT200, MT400, and MT500. These hydraulic disc brake models are popular choices amongst both mountain and road bike enthusiasts. Let's examine their specifications, performance, and pricing to identify the differences.

Shimano MT200 brakes set

Shimano MT200

The MT200 is the entry-level model in this comparison, designed for riders who want a dependable hydraulic disc brake system without breaking the bank. Its simple design and installation make it a preferred choice for beginners or casual riders.

Key Features:

  • Two-piston calipers provide reliable stopping power.
  • Easy, quick assembly and maintenance.
  • Adjustable brake lever for a customised fit.

In terms of performance, the MT200 delivers satisfactory braking power with smooth modulation, making it a good choice for riders seeking a balance between control and strength. However, it may not be as powerful as its higher-tier counterparts. Buy Brake pads for MT200 Brakes 

Image of Shimano mt400 brake caliper

Shimano MT400

Moving up a level, the MT400 is designed with a more robust construction, making it suitable for more demanding rides and terrains. It's an intermediate hydraulic disc brake system that strikes a balance between cost and performance.

Key Features:

  • Higher braking power compared to MT200.
  • Durable construction suitable for rough terrains.
  • Easy bleed system for hassle-free maintenance.

The MT400 offers improved stopping power compared to the MT200, thanks to its upgraded caliper design. This model offers more control and strength, making it a solid choice for intermediate riders. Buy Brake Pads for Shimano MT400

Shimano MT500 disc brake set

Shimano MT500

At the top of our comparison, we find the MT500. This model is designed for serious, experienced riders who demand superior stopping power and precision control. With a higher price tag comes increased durability and performance.

Key Features:

  • Highest braking power among the three.
  • Highly durable construction, designed for heavy use.
  • Servo wave action for quick brake engagement.

The MT500 provides the greatest stopping power among the three models due to its advanced Servo wave action. This model allows riders to engage their brakes quickly with less lever travel, providing superior control and performance. It's perfect for aggressive riding styles or challenging terrains where high-speed descents require quick and reliable stopping power. Buy Brake Pads for Shimano MT500


As expected, the prices of these models rise with their performance and features. The MT200, being an entry-level model, is the most affordable, while the MT500 comes with a higher price tag due to its advanced features and superior performance. The MT400 sits comfortably in the middle, providing a balance between cost and performance.

Final Thoughts

When choosing between the Shimano MT200, MT400, and MT500, it's crucial to consider your specific needs, budget, and riding style. If you're a beginner or casual rider seeking a reliable, affordable hydraulic disc brake system, the MT200 is a great choice. For riders who engage in more demanding trails, the MT400 offers the necessary durability and increased stopping power. However, if you're a serious cyclist who prioritizes performance and has the budget for it, the MT500 offers top-tier braking power and precise control that'll keep you safe during aggressive rides and high-speed descents.

Remember, regardless of which model you choose, proper installation and maintenance are crucial for ensuring your safety and the longevity of your disc brake system. Now, strap on your helmet and enjoy the ride!

What Brake pads Do the MT200 MT400 and MT500 Use 

Shimano disc brake systems generally use two types of brake pads: Resin or Metal. The model of the brake system can affect which pad type is compatible, so it's essential to check your brake system's specifications.

  1. Shimano MT200: This system uses the B01S Resin pad. Resin pads, also known as organic pads, are softer and quieter. They offer good stopping power and are generally less damaging to rotors. However, they can wear out faster, particularly in muddy or wet conditions.

  2. Shimano MT400: The MT400 model also uses the B01S Resin pad. It shares the same qualities as mentioned above.

  3. Shimano MT500: The MT500 uses a different pad, the E01S Resin or the E03S Metal. Metal brake pads (also known as sintered) last longer and perform better under high heat and extreme conditions. However, they can be a bit noisier and possibly wear out the rotor faster.

Remember, the type of brake pad you choose can depend on a few factors, such as your typical riding conditions, the level of stopping power you desire, and how often you are willing to replace them. So, consider these aspects before making a decision.