Understanding the Reliability and Size Concerns of Disc Brakes on Surron Electric Motorbikes


Surron electric motorbikes, renowned for their power and design, have been a subject of discussion regarding the reliability and suitability of their disc brake system. This post explores these issues, with a focus on whether high-end mountain bike brakes are sufficient for these robust vehicles.

Brake Tightness and Rubbing Issues

A significant issue for some Surron bike owners is brake tightness and excessive rubbing, often caused by misaligned calipers or warped rotors. Adjusting the tension lever or realigning calipers is a common solution, although some users report difficulties leading to more substantial repairs​.

Break-In Procedure for Stock Pads

New Surron bikes may exhibit noisy brakes, typically resolved through a break-in procedure that involves riding and applying the brakes forcefully about 30 times to bed the pads to the disc​.

Caliper Alignment and Adjustment

Correct caliper alignment is crucial for effective braking. It's important to do this visually, as relying solely on brake pressing can result in misalignment and uneven wear. Some users have reported problems with caliper pistons not retracting enough, leading to excessive heat and friction​.

Hydraulic System Issues

Surron bikes use a hydraulic brake system, which requires precise pressure management. Adjusting the hydraulic system, such as bleeding the brakes to remove air, is essential for optimal performance​.

The Limitations of Sintered Compounds

Sintered brake pads are commonly used for their durability and performance in wet conditions. However, they are not always the best choice for Surron electric motorbikes. These pads can generate excessive heat, especially under the high demands of electric motorbike riding, leading to decreased efficiency and potential brake fade.

The Ideal Brake Compound: Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Ultimate

Considering the limitations of sintered compounds, Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Ultimate brake pads emerge as a superior choice. These pads are designed to offer excellent braking performance without the excessive heat generation associated with sintered pads, making them more suitable for the power and weight of Surron electric motorbikes. BUY HERE

Size Concerns

While most user concerns focus on setup and maintenance rather than the size of the brakes, it's crucial to ensure that the brakes are adequately sized for Surron bikes' power and performance.


Surron electric motorbikes' disc brakes, while generally reliable, require proper setup and maintenance. Key considerations include visually aligning brakes, ensuring hydraulic system integrity, and choosing the right brake pads, like the Gorilla Brakes Enduro Pro Ultimate, for optimal performance and safety. For those experiencing issues, professional advice or detailed adjustment guides are recommended.