Quiet Disc Brake Pads for Cycling Disc Brakes

Gorilla Brakes’ Latest Compound Quiet Brake Pads



In the realm of disc brakes, noise reduction is a significant challenge for manufacturers and consumers. Gorilla Brakes has taken a major step forward with the introduction of their latest compound A,N,R brake pads. These pads feature  Advanced Noise Reduction (ANR) compound, designed to minimize brake noise without significantly compromising braking power and lifespan.


Key Features


Advanced Noise Reduction (ANR) Compound

The centerpiece of Gorilla Brakes’ new pads is the ANR compound. This Advanced Noise Reduction technology effectively limits brake noise, a common issue for cyclists. While there is a slight trade-off in braking power and lifespan, the substantial reduction in noise makes it worthwhile.


High Fiber Content for Vibration Absorption

The brake pads incorporate a high percentage of multiple fibers to absorb most of the vibrations during braking. This innovative design minimizes the vibrations that typically cause noise, ensuring a quieter ride.


Ceramic and Multiple Friction Materials

Using a combination of advanced materials, these brake pads not only limit sound production but also ensure that the sound frequency is very low. This low frequency falls outside the range of human hearing, making the brakes virtually silent. The materials used include:


 Compound Material 1: Known for its excellent heat dissipation properties, this helps to keep the brake pads cool and maintain consistent performance under various conditions.

  Compound Material 2: The materials provide superior braking performance and durability. They also contribute to noise reduction by damping vibrations.

  Compound Material 3: Special fibers are used to reinforce the brake pads, enhancing their strength and longevity. this  also plays a role in reducing noise by absorbing vibrations.

 Secret Compounds: Gorilla Brakes incorporates compounds that further enhance noise reduction and braking performance. These secret ingredients are the result of extensive research and development, setting Gorilla Brakes apart from the competition.


Balancing Longevity and Quiet Performance

One of the most challenging aspects of brake pad manufacturing is achieving a balance between longevity and quiet performance. Harder compounds last longer but produce more initial noise, while softer compounds are quieter but wear out faster. Gorilla Brakes has effectively balanced these factors, offering top-quality compounds suitable for road, gravel, and mountain biking.


Ongoing Development

Currently, Gorilla Brakes is in the early development and testing phase of the new ANR compound. The goal is to have these brake pads ready for the market by winter 2024. This ongoing commitment to innovation and quality ensures that the brake pads will meet the highest standards upon release.



The latest quiet brake pads from Gorilla Brakes will be available for all major bicycle disc brake manufacturers, including SHIMANO, SRAM, FORMULA, HAYES, HOPE, TRP, Tektro, and more. This wide compatibility range means that cyclists of all types can benefit from the advanced noise reduction technology.


Coming Soon

These brake pads will soon be available for purchase. Stay tuned for their release to experience the quietest braking system yet.



Noise has always been a significant challenge when setting up disc brakes. Gorilla Brakes’ latest compound quiet brake pads offer a promising solution. With their Advanced Noise Reduction (ANR) compound, high fiber content for vibration absorption, and the use of graphite, ceramic, Kevlar, and secret compounds, these brake pads are set to transform the market. Gorilla Brakes continuously searches for the best, eco-friendly brake pads, ensuring top performance across all biking activities. Stay tuned for their release and enjoy a quieter ride!