Centre-Lock disc Brake  rotor 180 mm

Centre-Lock disc Brake rotor 180 mm

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AZTEC 180mm Center Lock Disc Brake Rotors

Unveiling the AZTEC 180mm Center Lock Disc Brake Rotors, a game-changer in cycling performance and safety. Crafted for the dedicated cyclist, this rotor is a confluence of innovative design, superior materials, and cutting-edge technology.

Features That Set It Apart:

  • Finned Braking Pattern: Witness impeccable performance with the finned braking pattern design. This distinctive feature guarantees not only butter-smooth braking but also minimizes pad wear, making your rides smoother and maintenance intervals longer.

  • Laser Precision: No compromises on quality. Precision laser cut from the finest, most durable stainless steel alloys in the market, the AZTEC rotor is crafted to last, ensuring you get unparalleled performance ride after ride.

  • Chamferred Edge: Keeping in line with elite standards, our rotor is sculpted with a chamferred edge, making it fully compliant with UCI requirements and ideal for both competitive and recreational cycling.

  • Safety-Centric Design: Cycling should be exhilarating, not worrisome. With the wear out indicator incorporated into the rotor, you'll always be aware of when it's time for a replacement, ensuring your safety is never compromised.

  • Universal Compatibility: A perfect fit every time. AZTEC rotors are engineered to be compatible with virtually all brands of hydraulic and mechanical disc calipers, giving you the flexibility to choose without constraints.

  • Effortless Installation with Center Lock: Bid farewell to complex setups. Our Easy Centre-Lock mounting system ensures a hassle-free, quick installation, so you spend less time tinkering and more time on the road.


  • Colour: Sleek Silver
  • Product Type: Disc Rotors

Upgrade your cycling journey with the AZTEC 180mm Center Lock Disc Brake Rotors. Infused with innovation, it's not just a component—it's a promise of performance, safety, and longevity.