DIsc Brake Rotors Stainless Steel
DIsc Brake Rotors Stainless Steel
DIsc Brake Rotors Stainless Steel

DIsc Brake Rotors Stainless Steel

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Aztec Disc Brake Rotors: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Mountain bike Road bike and Trekking Bikes

Precision Braking -

  • Consistent Pad Contact Area: Aztec Disc Brake Rotors are specifically designed to provide a stable pad contact area. Say goodbye to fork flutter under heavy braking, ensuring a smoother, more reliable braking experience on your bicycle.

Quality and Durability

  • Laser-Cut Precision: Crafted with attention to detail, each rotor is precision laser cut from the highest quality stainless steel alloys. This not only ensures unmatched durability but also optimizes braking performance for the life of the rotor.
  • Finish: Classic silver,  

Universal Compatibility

  • Versatile Design: Our disc brake rotors are compatible with  all brands of hydraulic and mechanical disc calipers, offering flexibility. Whether you're upgrading or replacing, Aztec ensures seamless integration with your existing system.
  • Easy Installation: Drilled for attachment to any 6-bolt international standard hub. This universal fitment allows for quick and easy fit to your bike, getting you back on the road or trail in no time.

Sizes for Every Rider

  • Available in three sizes to match your specific needs: 160mm for those seeking a balance of power and weight, 180mm for enhanced braking force, and 203mm for maximum stopping power.

Product Type: Disc Rotors Colour: Silver

Aztec Disc Brake Rotors and experience the pinnacle of braking technology. Designed for riders who demand the best, The rotors ensure consistent, reliable performance on every journey. Upgrade today and feel the difference with every press of the brake.