Gorilla GripTECH Mountain Bike Gloves by Gorilla Brakes

Gorilla GripTECH Mountain Bike Gloves by Gorilla Brakes

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Gorilla GripTECH Mountain Bike Gloves by Gorilla Brakes

Experience the epitome of perfect grip and ultimate protection with Gorilla Brakes' brand new Gorilla GripTECH Mountain Bike Gloves. Embrace your passion for mountain biking, whether you're into Enduro, XC, downhill, or you're just a weekend trail enthusiast. Here's why these gloves are a must-have for you:

  • Superb Grip: Enhanced with special silicone prints, there's no chance of your hand slipping off the bars or your brake levers, ensuring you stay in control.
  • Easy Dexterity: The snug fit design of the Gorilla GripTECH gloves guarantees natural hand movement, allowing for more precise control and fewer mistakes.
  • Robust Protection: Feel secure and shielded from scrapes and hits in case of unexpected falls or accidents.
  • Dive into your biking adventures with the added confidence that these gloves offer. They're not just about protection; they symbolize your commitment to the sport and your desire to achieve the best in every ride.
  • Don't miss out on elevating your biking game. These gloves have rapidly become the preferred choice for many mountain bikers. Grab yours now and feel the difference in your next ride!

Added Features:

  • Stay-In-Place Design: Thanks to the compression moulded cuff and hook and loop closure, these gloves remain securely on your hands, no matter how intense your ride.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: The built-in micro-suede thumb acts as a swift sweat-wiper, so you can maintain clear vision and focus on the path ahead.

Discover the blend of performance, fit, and exceptional value with the Gorilla GripTECH Mountain Bike Gloves. They're not just any gloves; they're the perfect companion for every mountain biker. Upgrade your ride today!