SHIMANO Deore M6100/M6100 2 piston brakes
SHIMANO Deore M6100/M6100 2 piston brakes

SHIMANO Deore M6100/M6100 2 piston brakes

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Disc Brakes

SHIMANO Deore M6100/M6100 2-Piston Brakes:

Elevation in Braking

🔍 Shimano presents a product built on precision and adaptability. The Deore M6100 is a fully bled hydraulic disc brake featuring an adaptable post-style calliper, both for the rear and front.

This means you get freedom - no fixed adapters or rotors - ensuring it's tailor-made for your bike. Whether you're a fan of the revolutionary Center Lock rotor system or you lean towards the traditional 6-bolt rotors, this brake is versatile, with size options of 160mm, 180mm, and 203mm.

It boasts an opposed 2-piston design that guarantees reduced leading effect, ensuring your braking control is enhanced. It's not just about function; the rigidity and durability of the two-piece calliper design mean it's built to last.

💓 Every biker knows the relationship between rider and bike is an intimate one. The Deore M6100 enhances that bond. The ergonomic alloy brake lever is not just about performance; it's about ensuring every ride feels right. Added to that, the non-corrosive mineral oil brake fluid ensures both your safety and that of the environment. Custom fit? The brake lever comes with reach adjustment, making sure it’s tailored just for you.

⏰ Your bike deserves this upgrade. With the shim-less mounting system, installation is quick, setting you on the path to a more controlled, comfortable, and efficient ride in no time. Hose length Rear1700mm Front 1000mm, we have you covered. And did we mention the inclusion of resin pads, interchangeable with Gorilla Brake pads. 

Specs at a Glance:

  • Colour: Classic Black
  • Product Type: Hydraulic Disc - Best for MTB & Flat Bar
  • I-spec-EV Compatibility: Check!
  • Kit Inclusions: Resin pads, spare olives, and inserts for hose adjustments.

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