Hope XCR Pro X2 disc brake pads
Compounds gorilla brakes
Hope XCR Pro X2 Disc Brake Pads
Hope XCR Pro X2 Disc Brake Pads
Hope XCR Pro X2 Disc Brake Pads

Hope XCR Pro X2 Disc Brake Pads

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Brake Compound

Gorilla Disc Brake Pads for Hope XCR Pro X2 Brakes

Upgrade your braking performance with Gorilla Disc Brake Pads, specifically tailored for Hope XCR Pro X2 Disc Brakes. Precision and reliability come hand in hand with our top-grade offerings.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Gorilla Disc Brake Pads
  • Designed For: Hope XCR Pro X2 Disc Brakes
  • Heat Tolerance: Stellar performance up to 600°C, ensuring zero brake fade.
  • Spring: Equipped with Gorilla's robust stainless steel spring for consistent brake application.
  • Warranty: Full 60-day warranty coverage.
  • Returns: Hassle-free money-back guarantee.
  • Shipping: Instantaneous same-day dispatch for faster delivery.

Gorilla Brakes Excellence:
Every Gorilla brake pad is more than a product; it's a testament to our dedication to quality. We ensure each pad stands out in longevity and efficiency, offering up to 4 times the lifespan of standard OEM brake pads. Our proprietary heat dissipation formula further guarantees optimal performance.

Learn More:
For a deeper dive into our unique compound blend and its benefits, explore our Compound Guide.

Gorilla Brakes: Where Premium Quality Meets Outstanding Performance.